Living in a different time zone

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, summer has me turned around, with my bloggin taking place in the afternoon and evening, rather than the morning.  That’s because the morning tends to be devoted to the kids’ concerns.  I simply can’t get any sustained time at the computer before about 3 in the afternoon.

As it is, I have a research project to do right now, so I’m not blogging at this minute either, but I can tell you about the results from the Watcher’s Council.  When I was reading all the posts and articles yesterday, I was stunned by the high quality of this week’s submissions.  I had a heck of a time narrowing things down in both the Council and non-Council categories — and didn’t end up voting for a single winner.  However, given how good every submission was, I can assure you that, while the winners weren’t the ones I actually voted for, I approve of them wholeheartedly.

Votes Council link
2  2/3 South Africa’s Neville Chamberlain
The Razor
2 The Whole Shebaa-ng
Soccer Dad
1  2/3 More Quincy
Done With Mirrors
1  1/3 Dick Morris Gets One Right
Hillbilly White Trash
1  1/3 Warped
2/3 My ANWR Photo Gallery
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1/3 Left Continues Denigration of McCain’s Military Service, POW Heroism
Rhymes With Right
1/3 Gay Pride Week
Bookworm Room
1/3 And on the Seventh Day, He Rested
Wolf Howling
Votes Non-council link
2 Why You Should Apologize — Ineffectively and Dishonestly — For What You Didn’t Do
Classical Values
1  2/3 The Unconscious Roots of Media Bias
1  1/3 Big Gains in Iraq?
Abu Muqawama
1  1/3 Obama’s Lack of Ordinary Modesty
American Thinker
1 An Almost Unfathomable Ignorance of History
Brits At Their Best
1 The Card
Stop the ACLU
1 Alcoholism Progression
Dean’s World
1 Is There A Pattern Here? If So, Is There A Name For It?
1/3 “Declaring Independence from a ‘Broken System’ By Breaking a Promise…” [UPDATED]
1/3 Building Walls
Shira bat Sarah
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  • suek

    “A leader will recognize and walk away from a negotiating table the minute he senses that the other party has nothing to offer; not so a diplomat. A diplomat will always believe that he alone can pull success out of any negotiation if given enough time and effort.”


    Interesting. Obama the diplomat????

  • Roger W. Gardner

    Hi! First time on your interesting site.

    Thank you for including my article “The Card” from STACLU on your impressive list.

    I’m sure I’ll be back again soon.

    Best wishes,
    Roger G.