Some facts about headaches

What with heat waves, smoke filled air (from semi-local fires), and wind storms, I’ve been having fairly constant migraines for the past week, and if that’s not a drag, I don’t know what is.  I have learned something this past week, though.  No matter what it feels like, your eyeballs don’t really explode, nor do your brains leak out of your ears.  Your head is, in fact, able to contain that pressure!

UPDATE: A good dollop of Ibuprofin, Maxalt, chocolate, and some dog cuddling therapy seem to be doing the trick, but I know from experience that this is going to start all over again as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning.  Sigh….

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  • Ymarsakar

    Does hot water over the head muscles help any?

  • Earl

    I’ve had migraines since 35, so that’s 25 years. Standing in a hot shower with the water directly on my face is heaven!

    Mine are often triggered by the ingestion of fermented foods, because of the presence of tyramine in said foods. These include aged cheeses, red wine (no problem – not a drinker), brewer’s yeast, too many raisins, prunes, or Greek olives, brewed soy sauces and other fermented soybean preparations, really good aged vinegars, and (sorry, Bookworm) chocolate.

    Not too many people know that part of the “conching” (sp?) process in making chocolate is fermentation. I haven’t eaten ANY since about 1983. Yes, I miss it….but it’s not worth a headache! Fortunately, the newer medications work pretty well for me — I can usually derail one I feel coming by drinking a cup of strong coffee, something I do not drink regularly. If it breaks through, or gets me in the night, I take Imitrex and it’s like a miracle! I’ve not had to take more than a couple a month for a long time now…..big relief!

  • Bookworm

    I’ve never noticed a difference with food, Earl. For me, the triggers are barometric pressure, stress and hormones — things over which I often have limited or no control.

  • Earl

    Bummer… is not simple, but more controllable than barometric pressure and hormones, for sure…..

    Sucks to be you!