WALL*E = eh

We went yesterday to see Pixar’s newest offering — WALL*E.  I can tell you that everything the critics have said about it is true:  It’s amazingly beautiful, with animation of such sophistication that one is continuously impressed; and the story is imaginative and goes far beyond the usual children’s fare of screams and pratfalls.  It is, in other words, a critic’s delight.

However, I’m not a critic.  I’m just an ordinary gal going to the movie.  From that point of view, despite my wonder at the technical achievement behind the movie, the whole thing left me pretty cold.  The movie’s dystopian vision of people — we trash the earth and walk away, and then we become fat, brainless victims of overreaching corporatism — is scarcely an audience-friendly approach.  In addition, having two barely verbal robots as the movie’s romantic leads, while a cute conceit, simply doesn’t hold ones interest for very long.  WALL*E, the protagonist. is cute in an ET kind of way, but he’s a one trick pony — all he wants is the girl, and she’s not that interesting either.  For all that WALL*E is endearing, there’s no there there.

If you want to see a visually beautiful and creative movie, definitely check out WALL*E.  If you want to be entertained, I don’t know if this is the movie for you.

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  • Quisp

    I confess I’m falling off the Pixar bandwagon as well. In spite of its wonderful animation, I thought Cars’ plot was basically from a Hallmark Movie of the Week. And while the critics loved Ratatouille, the story line was a little dull for kids and the rats in the kitchen never quite made the leap from nausea to hilarity for me (although the scene in the river was truly stunning filmmaking). Or maybe I just like the family themes of Finding Nemo and The Incredibles better. I haven’t seen WALL*E yet. My husband’s volunteered to take our kids and he’s a sucker for love stories disguised as something else -he adored Cars-so I expect all will work out well.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I think WALL*E is setting kids up to swallow the “watermelon agenda” hook line and sinker……

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Lileks may be calling to issue a challenge……


  • http://www.protestshooter.com ProtestShooter

    I enjoyed it – I generally like Pixar moves (Cars being the exception). I would have liked to have seen more of WALL-E poking around before Eve shows up. The whole second half of the film where the actual plot happens is weaker but I was in a good enough mood from the first half that I was willing to just go with it.

  • Ymarsakar

    If you watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Book, I promise you that you will not be bored, disappointed, or cold in mind or heart.

  • Ymarsakar

    What I don’t get is, these kinds of movies never actually address what love is, the benefits it gives us, and why it developed in the first place as a precursor to human sentience and survival.

  • Ymarsakar

    I found Wall E very funny and generally entertaining.

    The movie’s dystopian vision of people — we trash the earth and walk away, and then we become fat, brainless victims of overreaching corporatism

    After watching many visual propaganda cues historically and recently speaking, I have to say that Wall E was pretty tame and subtle in its expression of certain themes and conditions.

    The virtue of the captain does much to deflate the image of human beings as fat, brainless, folks. Although victims they are, victims of their ancestors and of a lax and care free lifestyle.

    Btw, the “President” said that micro-gravity would decrease bone size. Micro-gravity, meaning gravity less than say .1 g would decrease bone density and muscle density. However, if you watch the movie, there is at least .5 gravities on the ship, if not 1.0g.

    People fall down into the deck. Trash falls down at a rate you might expect on earth. There is gravity, so people are not fat because their bones atrophied and they couldn’t walk. People became fat because there were too many conveniences.

    The main characters were rather sympathetic, if overly sentimental.

    I would change the plot in this fashion if I was given the choice.

    Instead of a President that sends out Axiom for five years waiting so that robots will clean the Earth up, let’s say that particular political members and their families belonging to the Green Party (complete with flower symbol) were chosen to go on a mission to distant places, in order to collect resources or knowledge to aid Earth. Back on Earth, you have the people who politically disagreed with the Green Movement and wished to stay on Earth to rebuild the ecosphere, especially since the Axiom was a protoype and could not hold even a small percentage of total humanity. Eventually the Green Party gains total dominance and refuses to use machines to aid in restoring the Earth. They also refused to build any more ships, citing the pollution costs of such an advanced technological marvel. (Including the fact that no longer can use the technology that the protoype was built with) Instead, they put into law requirements that human beings must do the work of restoring the Earth, without the aid of industrialized and computer mechanisms, which add more pollution. The Earth, with its failing ecosphere, no longer can support a normal harvest of food, especially since this food is allocated mostly to Green Party members and leaders. This means that the Green Party was forced to only give each human being a stipend of 1,500 calories per day as they manually worked to reclaim earth from pollution.

    Eventually this system wiped out most of humanity, leaving vast urban deserts of dust, steel, and wreckage. Without a populace from which to work the few remaining arable land and green houses, and without the human expertise to maintain complex technological systems, the Green Party’s food resources twindled and they eventually imploded in war and nuclear devastation.

    The few remaining rural enclaves took to scrapping together technology from their ancestors, one of such enclaves activated a Wall E waste allocation bot to help them clean up and sort usable scrap material for scavenging use. The enclave eventually failed, but the technology of the Ancients continued on from solar power and self-maintenance programs.

    On the starship Axiom, 700 years have passed without a return to the Earth. At first, they searched wide and far in the galaxy with hyperdrive, but eventually their leadership no longer cared for the sacrifices that exploration, mining, research, and experimentation took on the crew and its leaders. The elite political families of the Green Party decided, amongst themselves, to change Axiom’s future.They had the technology of robotics and AI, so one of the historic captains decided to repress the original mission of the Axiom, and bought the support of the rest of the crew with hideous luxury expenditures that used resources that were supposed to help the Earth. But this was centuries before. The crew and captain of the Axiom no longer remember their origins or original purpose, they simply survive in luxury and indolence having no purpose in life other than to eat, sleep, and die.

    Now, an EVE probe has landed on a devastated planet, according to ancient programming directives unknown to the human crew of the Axiom.

    Book, if people want to do dystopia, they should do it correctly, don’t you think so?

    WALL*E, the protagonist. is cute in an ET kind of way,

    There was another movie made in the 80s or what not with a military prototype artificial intelligence robot with laser shoulder racks, that had the same eyes as Wall E. Wall E is much more similar to that robot, with a human voice and who eventually gained American citizenship, after successfully running away from (you guessed it) the US military that developed him.