Home, sweet home!

Tomorrow (Sunday) was our official, intended return date.  It was clear by noon today, though, that all of us were vacationed out.  So, instead of a two day mozy down the coast, we engaged in a marathon day of driving and got home a couple of hours ago.

We arrived home to find the house still standing, but that wasn’t for want of trying on the ant’s part.  Although I’d been careful not to leave any food out, they nevertheless invaded my kitchen in their thousands and ten thousands.  They show no signs of leaving anytime soon.

I hate ants.  I know they’re completely harmless, but when they’re around, I constantly feel them on my skin — whether or not they are.  I guess I’m like a drunk with the DTs, feeling bugs crawling around.  Blech!

I need to take some time to re-immerse myself in home life, and in the world of politics, but hope to be back blogging (and, oh, how I’ve missed it), by tomorrow night or Monday morning at the latest.

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  • Mike Devx

    I hope you never have to deal with fire ants! They’re not completely harmless.

    I was digging up sections of my yard to put in new sod, and in the evening soon afterward I found that itchy spots on my body had developed the small, hard white pustules that identify a fire-ant bite (actually they identify the body’s defense mechanism against the poisonous bite…) Luckily this time I didn’t uncover a nest with my shovel, just apparently disturbed some travellers…

    Some kinds of ants will chew your electrical wiring as well and cause shorts…

    Kill all the ones you can, but you’ll want to find their entrance and egress points into your house and put a chemical barrier there to erase the chemical trail they’ve laid down, so that they will reroute and go elsewhere.

  • suek

    I recommend Grant’s Ant Stakes…you can put them outside or use them inside. If you can find an entry place, baking soda will deter them. They probably came in for water – it’s been pretty dry. The thing about the ant stakes is that they take the bait home to their nests where it kills the nest eventually. This is especially important if you’re one of the lucky ones who has the actual ant hill protected by the driveway or maybe under the concrete foundation of the house. No other way to get to them without spreading chemicals all over the place. I’m not gung ho natural methods, but prefer to avoid chemicals if it’s reasonable.
    If they don’t come for the bait right away, put a drop of water in the center hole – if they came primarily for water, that will get them started.
    I understand Raid has a very good ant bait trap as well. I’ve seen it well recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, but haven’t used it myself.

  • suek

    Oh yeah…and you’re more likely to find the Raid traps in the grocery stores, and the Grant’s are more likely to be at a nursery supply or hardware store.

  • http://baldheadedgeek.blogspot.com Bald-Headed Geek

    Ugh. I’m glad that you had a great vacation, and completely understand your antipathy towards ants. We are fighting a seemingly neverending battle against red ants here. Completely harmless, but frankly, I don’t want to share my home with them, either! The exterminator has been out here so often, I think that we’re going to rent him a room…….


  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I know the feeling you describe, Mike, not from fire ants, but from chiggers. When I was living in Texas, I managed to sit on grass that turned out to be a chigger habitat. I spent days covered with painful, infected, leaking, itchy bumps. Awful, awful, awful.

    I’ve got the Grants’ stakes out, but they always take a day or two.

    We also got welcomed back by clogged plumbing and a spider infestation in my bathroom — and we were only gone 9 days!

    My dog also chose to celebrate the returning by getting the runs in the middle of the night. Bless her heart, she tried to make it to the door, but couldn’t. Being the perfect dog that she is, though, she managed to unload on the wood floor, not the carpet, so I’m in charity with her despite the accident!

    I’m so glad I’m home….

  • suek

    >>We also got welcomed back by clogged plumbing and a spider infestation in my bathroom — and we were only gone 9 days!>>

    Heh. Gives those “return to nature after the world disaster” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it!

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Or as AP says — and James Taranto adopted as a catch-phrase — everything seems to be spinning out of control.