Busting open the last Hollywood closet

Andrew Breitbart has written an upfront, in your face demand that Hollywood open the door to the last remaining closet in that company town: conservatism.  In it, he points out that Hollywood finds everything forgiveable except for a failure to conform to the prevailing Progressive political orthodoxy:

But in this land of superficiality and augmented assets, the inconvenient truth is that, in Hollywood, absolute conformity to the Democratic Party is a well-constructed facade. The environment is not so much unfavorable to the Grand Old Party as it is utterly totalitarian. There’s simply no lifestyle choice that receives a worse response at dinner parties.

Convicted murderer? Has anyone optioned the rights to your story?

Avowed Marxist? Viva la revolucion!

Scientologist? Do you take Visa or Mastercard?

Syphilitic drug abuser? Let’s talk!

Conservative? You should go.

Only proclaiming one’s self a practicing Christian is met with greater disdain – making Christian Republicans the gold standard in Hollywood pariah status.

I knew all this.  The one thing I didn’t know is that Robert Downey, Jr., a talented actor whose work I have always admired and whose drug demons have always saddened me, has come out of his ordeal a closet conservative.  Angelina Jolie, too, has given hints that she’s not marching lockstep to the prevailing political orthodoxies.  What’s even more interesting than these hints about their political beliefs is the fact that even stars as big as these two can’t come out in the open and admit to their politics.  I just thought it was wusses like me, people dependent on the goodwill of their carpool partners and anxious to avoid a bus stop fracas, who kept our politics to ourselves.

Anyway, you should find Breitbart’s article an interesting read.

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