That New Yorker cover

I know that you’ve already read about, and probably seen, the New Yorker’s latest cover, the “parody” of “right wing” views about Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama.  I think Charles Johnson has the best summation of the New Yorker‘s thinking (along with a reproduction of the cover):

The cover is obviously a moonbat parody of what they think are right-wing ideas about their messiah. But they got so meta with it, they ended up wrapping around and making themselves look stupid.

I’m going to go a little bit Freudian here and wonder whether, even if that was the editors’ intention, if there wasn’t some subliminal desire to harm a man who seems so quickly to be betraying the “Progressive” promise he offered them during the primaries.  I say this because this week’s New Yorker also runs a Ryan Lizza article that tackles Obama’s Chicago political background — and no matter how you try to dress that one up, short of actually lying, it’s not pretty.

Lastly, with regard to the cover, I think it’s worth visiting Michelle Malkin’s post on the subject, because she makes the ultimate correct point:  if you’re going to be in American politics, you’d better toughen up, Mr. Obama, a point she illustrates with the truly vile attacks against Condi (racist in the extreme) and the President (murderous to the point of treason).

As it is, Obama has distinguished himself by whining about every single attack leveled against him.  If this frail little flower can’t handle the rough and tumble world of an American election, how is he going to handle the burdens of office?  Sure, you can get the media to back off when you cry “racism!” (at least, in the beginning you can), but I can guarantee you that Kim Jong-Il or Ahamadinejad or Chavez or Putin, or any other tin pot tyrant who takes the world stage, is not going to back off.  Instead, these bullies will be delighted to have someone so easily cowed by a discouraging word.

On this point, you’ll also want to read Rick Moran.

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    If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, this ‘parody’ is priceless.

    Color me speechless.

    Never mind the intent of the cartoonist, the road to hell is paved with good intentions -did someone mention this to Barack Hope Obama.

    Ahhh….tis the season of love, war and politics and the covers of magazines. Break out the crayolas and let the fun begin.

  • SJBill

    Was it Harry S. Truman that mentioned a little thing about heat in the kitchen?

    Time to exit, Barry. Wait till the real heat is on.

  • Ellie2

    My, my it makes a difference who’s ox is being gored, doesn’t it? Still we have a long, long history of colorful, outrageous, inflamatory political cartoons. I for one would be saddened to see them wiped out by PC-ness, tossed in the rubbish bin with the Christmas trees and ethnic jokes.

    On the other hand, it does make me smile to see their diapers in a twist! Whaaaaaa ….

  • Deana

    Bookworm –

    I, too, can’t help but think that there is something more in that cartoon besides the stated excuse that it is simply a commentary of what everyone on the left thinks conservatives think of Obama and his wife. It’s just too . . . .sharp. Mean. Something.

    I can’t help but wonder if some folks on the left don’t have a few suspicions about Obama themselves. Or perhaps you are correct – they are just angry that he isn’t what he said he is. (And who’s surprised?)