The times (at the Watcher’s Council) they are a’changin’ (slightly)

The Watcher is retiring which I can assure you is a great loss to sensible thought in the blogosphere.  The Council, however, does not wish to retire, and is in the process of reorganizing so that we can continue in his absence.  We hope to continue in more or less the same form as before, but our mentor’s withdrawal means that we have to work out some procedural details.  Pending those decisions, Freedom Fighter, writing at JoshuaPundit, has graciously agreed to host this week’s Watcher’s vote.  Herewith, the submissions which, as always, look very, very good:


1.JoshuaPundit: Will Israel Attack Iran?

2.Soccer Dad:The Army’s Top 10 inventions And The Legacy Of Harry Diamond

3.The Glittering Eye: Sen. Obama Re-States His Plan for Iraq

4.Cheat Seeking Missiles: Laundry Guilt

5.BookWorm Room:It’s official: Obama doesn’t flip-flop, he just does nuanced “rephrases”

6.Rhymes With Right: Ny Times Sides With Border Jumping Immigration Criminals

7.Wolf Howling: Critiquing The Obama Manifesto On Iraq

8.The Razor:What Can We Do To Reduce Oil Consumption?

9.Done With Mirrors: Poetry Matters

10The Colossus Of Rhodey:The Latest – Global Warming Causes Kidney Stones!

11.Hillbilly White Trash:What To Do About The Dollar

12.The Education Wonk: Texas Teacher Shortage?


1.Shrinkwrapped:Making People Better

2.Doug Ross & Journal: Let Me Put It In Pictures For Our Progressive Friends

3.Dan Drezner:”We are seriously concerned about this most serious outbreak of seriousness”

4.Power Line: Obama’s Dishonest Op-Ed

5.Power Line:Setting the Record Straight

6.Harris County Criminal Justice System: A Good Man

7.EU Referendum:The Great Bio Fuels Con

8.Israel Matzav: Lebanon plans ‘state ceremony’ to welcome Kuntar

9.Melanie Phillips: Sleepwalking Into Islamization

10.7.62 Justice: Troop Drawdown

11.Seraphic Secrets: Comrade Obama Purges Website

12.Vox Popoli: Home and Garden hater