Phone messages from crazy people

I was out this morning getting my oil changed — and learning that it will cost almost $2,000 to fix my car from its recent run-in with a low post.  When I got home, I found an interesting message on my answering machine.

It’s the recorded voice of Dennis Kucinich begging me to “Press 1 now” on my phone to be added to the “growing list” of people calling for George Bush’s impeachment.  I don’t know how to tell Kucinich this, but George Bush is leaving office, with or without impeachment, in six months.

Impeachment is, in any event, a dumb idea.  Even though Clinton used the White House as his own private cat house, committed perjury himself, and encouraged others to lie as well, I thought the impeachment against him was vindictive politics that would backfire.  I think the same holds true in this tit-for-tat attempt to dislodge Bush, or just to humiliate him, with the end of his presidency drawing near.

It’s also unusually stupid — and this is saying a lot even for Kucinich — considering the potential fall-out here.  Clinton’s crimes were his own.  In this case, however, any Democrat calling for impeachment should consider the number of Congress people (Democrats included) who had possession of precisely the same information as George Bush, and who were as gung-ho for war as he was.  Any attack on Bush is necessarily going to create a wide-ranging defense that attacks a whole bunch of Congress people as well.  (You know, thinking about it, that’s not such a bad thing, is it?)

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  • Ymarsakar

    Did you or your husband watch John Hancock or Batman The Dark Knight, yet?

  • Bookworm

    Nope. He’s been away on business, and I’ve been indulging myself in old Clark Gable and John Wayne movies. My gosh, were those guys stars!

  • Don Quixote

    The Congresspeople would just say they were gung-ho because Bush and his people lied to them. Not true, of course, since they had access to the same intelligence that Bush and his people did, but when has the truth ever slowed them down? They’ve been out for blood for 8 years and they are growing increasingly desperate to get that blood before Bush leaves office. Don’t be surprised if they try to impeach him retrospectively (or do I mean retroactively?) even after he leaves. BDS is that powerful.

  • Earl

    The phone message from a crazy person that *I* got recently was a hysterically angry lady alleging that I’d fathered her unborn child!! She went on and on and on with the threats and the promises.

    Fortunately, she used the real sperm donor’s name right off the bat, so my wife, who picked up the message, was STILL laughing when I got home. She figured, correctly, that someone was too agitated to dial the number correctly.


  • Bookworm

    Earl, that is so funny. Didn’t she listen to your out-going message?

  • Jose

    Talk about people who live in glass houses… Good thing GWB hasn’t gone on record about UFOs or Kucinich would be after him for that.

    The funniest message I ever received started out very casually with an upbeat “Hi – how ya doin” tone and slowly transitioned to a request to be bailed out of jail. It was all very matter of fact and the caller seemed to have complete confidence somone respond quickly and positively. I have no idea who he was and wonder how long he waited in expectation.

  • Earl

    No idea what she listened to or didn’t, but she didn’t much sound like she was real rational….it was hysterical!

    I really should have taped it to play for the grandkids (when they get bigger!).