I’m not the president. I just play one on TV.

If you’re old enough, you remember the famous cough syrup advertisement, in which a soap opera actor announced, “I’m not a doctor.  I just play one on TV.”  Miguel Guanipa explains how Obama, who came of age along with that TV commercial, has opted to use the same approach to convince the American public to buy his product:  himself.

In his mind Obama hopes that people will apply the duck logic to his scheme. If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, well, then, it must be a duck.

This is the reason why Obama has decided in the last few months before the election to start looking and walking like a president.

Make a few trips to carefully selected countries, speak to a few foreign leaders (a luxury that John Kerry unwisely did not indulge in before making the actual claim); visit a few beleaguered nations and frown as you speak in public to their heads of state; fill in a few photo-ops to make sure the world knows and shares in your concern. Pretty soon you may start not only looking like a president but like you actually should be the president.

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