• Deana

    That is hilarious!! What a perfect piggy-back to McCain’s Brittany Spears-themed ad.


  • http://helenl.wordpress.com/ Helen Losse

    It’s funny?

    Seems there’s nothing positive to say about McCain, so all he and his do is mock Obama. Obama was wrong not to go abroad, then wrong when he did. He’s wrong if he says, race is an issue. That’s playing the “race card.” I’m not crying in my beer, but mere criticism!!!

  • Gringo

    Helen, I found it hilarious. But then, I didn’t faint during an Obama speech, and haven’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Carter, voting third party most of the time, so perhaps I am biased.

    It is not mocking Obama per se , but rather the worshipful attitude that many Obama supporters appear to have towards him.

    Now, I better go and put air in my tires so we don’t have to drill for oil anymore.

    Obama says that– “We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling by making sure your tires are properly inflated.”

    Only an ignoramus would make such a comment. Sorry Helen, I don’t like pretentious ignoramuses who claim to know more than they know, especially about a field in which I have some professional expertise.

    Come to think of it, Obmama himself is quite mockable. Take Obama away from a teleprompter and his ignorance shows through. If Obama is a policy wonk, heaven help us.

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    Helen has a bit of a point. Thre is certainly more negative to be said about Obama than there is positive to be said about McCain, and it badly needs to be said, if only to counter the worshipful nonsense of the MSM. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to stress McCain’s positives, as well.

  • BrianE

    John McCain is not Barack Obama.

    Is that enough of the positives?

  • Gringo