Denver : Grease, the musical, redux

Interestingly, when I was in high school, I fell in love with the newly-released movie musical Grease. As someone who has always loved musicals, and who has a weakness for pop music with strong melody lines, it was right up my alley.  When I hear the songs now, I still enjoy them.  That’s why a year ago, when Grease was on TV, I watched it with an eye to sharing it with my then 10 year old daughter. While I still loved the music, I was shocked by how sleazy the show was, and would never dream of letting my daughter watch it at this age.

Why am I talking about Grease? Because Patrick at the Paragraph Farmer, has written a brilliant little post looking at the parallels between Grease‘s plot and song lyrics, and the events in Denver.  It’s clear that Grease is the word, in more than one way.

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  • rockdalian

    I was also shocked when I watched Grease at an older age. No, we won’t go there.
    Anyway, what was so surprising to me was how much of the movie simply went over my head.
    I always remember this line from Against The Wind by Bob Seger.
    “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.”

  • David Foster

    I haven’t seen “Grease,” but the convention does remind me of some lines from Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Mikado,” namely:

    Sent to hear sermons from mystical Germans
    Who preach from ten till four

  • InPlainSight

    HaHa: Bookworm, Your experience with Grease brings me back. When my daughter was still in single-digits (10 years ago) we subcribed to the otherwise harmless American Girl Magazine. One month the mag ran a little article listing suggestions for activities at slumber parties. One fun thing to do would be to watch the movie Grease– and lip-linc along with the lyrics! The paragraph ended with the exclaimation ‘Greased Lightin’!’
    Now, my daughter and all her friends owned and adored the movie, but the sleeze went way over their innocent little heads. But as lax as my parenting skills were, I didn’t encourage the kids to actually learn those lyrics–especially Greased Lightning!
    I wrote a polite letter to the magazine, suggesting that perhaps their staff had not viewed the film recently, or did not know the lyrics themselves, for if they did they would not suggest their pre-teen readership engage in such an inappropriate exercise.
    I snail-mailed (it was long ago) the letter and sat back to wait for a reply from the magazine, which I thought would begin, ‘Gee, were our faces red when we took another look at Grease!’ But as you probably know, I got a stupid form letter, thanking me for me input, period.