• Deana

    It’s funny – I’ve heard several news commentators mention that Palin’s support will come from the “non-educated female” demographic.


    I’ll finish my fourth college degree this December. I support her. Another female friend of mine also is very supportive of Palin and she too has completed four college degrees. And who are the women in our lives who shaped us, formed us, and made us into what we’ve become? Our mothers, grandmothers, and other women, few of whom went to college and yet went on to lead successful lives.

    Whenever I hear the media say that sort of thing, I get the feeling that they are trying to draw the link between Palin and “the uneducated masses” that the left is always so desperate to help.

    It makes me burn.

  • Ymarsakar

    Deana, that might be because you have gotten the hint that if it was up to Democrats, blacks and women would be back in the house, where they think all their little cogs and sheep belong.

  • Tiresias

    Forget the petition – just do it. After they see that 70% of female voters went for her, they’ll get it.

  • suek

    >>It makes me burn.>>

    Heh. All that’s missing is the pat on the head with the “That’s nice, dear. Now just run along”.

    They really don’t get it.

  • suek

    >>After they see that 70% of female voters went for her, they’ll get it.>>

    I don’t think so. They’ll think instead that they need a beauty queen who can give a dynamic speech but who supports abortion etc. In other words, they’ll dump Hillary and find someone young and attractive who supports their message. Of course, they’ll have to run her through some governorship somewhere…

    But they’ll think it’s the packaging, not the woman herself. The closest they came was Geraldine Ferraro…and from what I’ve heard from GF, I wouldn’t be surprised if she voted for McCain. The Dems have _no_ idea how their treatment of Palin has clarified their hypocrisy.

  • Allen

    The thing I have found most funny recently is not McCain’s pick for VP, but Obama’s pick for VP. Regardless of political persuasion, all of the women I have conversed with on this are confused about the Biden pick.

    I’ve heard all the inside baseball political talk, but a lot of women are genuinely wondering about the decision to go with Biden. I wonder how that will play out.

  • dg

    Where did you get the 70%? Let’s see some real poll numbers before we start making up figures…