Trying to break through the media fire

Since the moment Palin burst onto the scene, the media has engaged in the most sustained attack I’ve ever seen on a single political candidate.  Outright lies, partial lies, rumors, half-truths, full truths — it doesn’t matter.  There’s just a giant information dump onto the public radar, with the hope that most people will never sort through the information, but will just be left with a general impression that Palin is an idiot who lies, cheats, steals, slaughters animals indiscriminately, hunts and burns witches, sleeps with her whole family, censors books (but probably can’t read ’em), and (worst of all) believes in God.

The McCain campaign has now set up a pretty cute little website aimed at countering the worst of the smears against her.  It’s called, appropriately enough, Palin Truth Files, and it deserves some attention.

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  • Mike Devx

    Gateway Pundit
    has an article on this very issue (second from the top currently).

    Scroll down to “Liberal Media Rips Palin– Defends Violence Against Iranian Women”

    Your blood pressure will rise, and words will fail you.

    Because Sarah Palin was going to say this at the anti-Achmedinejad rally:
    “It is said that the measure of a country is the treatment of its most vulnerable citizens. By that standard, the Iranian government is both oppressive and barbaric. Under President Ahmadinejad’s rule, Iranian women are some of the most vulnerable citizens. If an Iranian woman shows too much hair in public, she risks being beaten or killed.

    The St. Petersberg Times staff felt compelled to respond. Visit GatewayPundit and read their response. It’s worth it. In that staff response, you will find complete moral bankruptcy of an order of viciousness rarely seen. The picture there of the bloodied Iranian woman alone should be enough to give any genuinely civilized person pause. And then to consider 150,000 such assaulted women…

    And to what purpose a response that violates every precept of an honorable, civilized person? To merely further a political agenda of personal assassination. Such complete moral bankruptcy.

    Truly, civilization does not fall because of the barbarian; instead it rots from within until that point in time when it can pushed it over with a finger.

  • Mike Devx

    Dang it, I screwed up and overreacted. Lack of due diligence. I read the entire editorial. It’s not as civilization-ending-bad as I thought it was. I’ll have to track the story to find out how accurate their completely blase dismissal of the plight of Iranian women is.