The debate

I haven’t watched the debate yet.  I’ve been doing volunteer work (yes, we selfish conservatives sometimes give generously of our time), getting food, preparing dinner, and wrapping up a brief that needs to be filed tomorrow.  What I thought I’d do, therefore, is reprint here a prediction I made about the debate in an email I sent a friend early this afternoon. Since I probably won’t get to watch Sarah in action until the weekend, you can tell me if I’m right or wrong.  Here’s my email:

I can predict the only possible outcomes for this debate:

Whether she does well or not, the MSM will savage her.

If she truly does well (outside of MSM perceptions), the conservative blogosphere will celebrate and hope for an 11th hour victory among ordinary Americans.

If she truly does badly (outside of MSM perceptions), we’ll be enveloped in despair, because the election will be over.  Barring a true October surprise showing something not just awful, but new and awful about Obama, it will have ended tonight.

If she does medium well (outside of MSM perceptions), we will still have lost, because the media savagery will control the public perceptions.

In other words, there’s only one possibility for a good outcome, and that’s if Palin truly shines.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • Ellie2

    She was fabulous. Even Biden beamed when it said it was truly a pleasure to meet her. That split screen on CNN showed her winning him over very plainly.

  • Earl

    Apparently she was fabulous…..I have to admit that listening was painful and I turned it off after the first five or six minutes because I was shouting at the computer when Biden was saying plainly untrue or stupid things, and then Sarah came on and started excoriating those “predatory lenders” and I couldn’t stand it.

    I followed Michelle Malkin’s live-blogging and felt much better. I guess it’s dumb to expect politicians to blame other politicians for this kind of fiasco – especially since it simply won’t fit on a bumper sticker – but it is painful to hear the business community (which had its bad actors, but was faced with truly awful pressures and perverse incentives) blamed for what is mostly a politically constructed crisis.

    I’m VERY relieved at the (apparent) outcome – and the word is also out that the moderator was clearly not very fair, so that’s also going to help.

    I do wish we had a better candidate that McCain, so I could be genuinely hopeful about the future…..right now, it’s just “Wait and See” for me.

  • Al

    There is no question that Sarah bested Biden. She even used one of Reagan’s techniques of tagging Biden with failed attitudes by stating Biden looks to the past instead of the future. Her phase was, “There you go again, looking back instead of forward.” Yes, there were parts where she was soft, but that perception is from one who was a spectator and not the speaker.
    I am sure the MSM are already enchanting dark charms of copy about her performance. The polls of the past few days marking McCain’s falling numbers have to have been cooked by MacBeth’s witches. I believe they are false. And Sarah has upset and emptied their cauldron.
    We must remain strong and spread the news.

  • Marguerite

    I thought she sparkled and snapped! Also, there was one time when she said she and McCain wanted to end greed on Wall Street AND in Washington D.C. I hope that was a nod to the accurate history of the financial chicanery that goes back many years to the very people who now want 700B (more, I’ll bet) to ‘fix it’.

  • JackCoupal

    Senator Joseph Biden to Obama campaign staff:

    “Don’t EVER make me debate that woman,….Sarah Palin,…again!!”

  • el gordo

    She did pretty well. To be fair, Biden came across as more knowledgeable, as you would expect. Palin could have been more informed and authoritative at times. She missed a few opportunities to counterattack. This is where experience comes in.

    But all she lacks can be acquired with time. Look at it this way: A year ago, Obama was avoiding such unscripted events like the plague and with good reason. Still does. Palin is already doing much better. I don´t know if she will help win this race. Even if not, she can govern Alaska, maybe get elected to the Senate, but I see no reason why there shouldn´t be a Sarah Palin in our future.

    She can run for president in 2020 and still be younger than Hillary is now.

  • Mike Devx

    The more I reflect on the debate, the more I like the result.

    Joe Biden spouted quite a few facts with confidence, but as it turns out there are a *lot* of problems with his facts. If that gets out past the “media filter”, it cancels out his entire presentation.

    As the debate recedes into days and weeks, people will definitely continue to remember Sarah Palin’s confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism. That is going to STICK.

    She gave a very good performance and just plain rolled over Gwen Ifill. Kind of, “Ah, you’re done asking your question? (Gracious smile) Ok, time for me to talk about what *I* want to talk about.” Amazingly, it worked, and worked well.

    Her command and control throughout the debate must have allayed concern among all those independent and leaning voters who had developed negative opinions about her. That won’t go away. In combination with the STICK-like-glue that’s going to occur in voters’ minds, with her confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism, this is a very very good thing.

    Two questions going forward for the undecided independent and leaning voters…

    Will Joe’s attacks during the debate on McCain stick with those voters? Some of them were just plain silly: i.e., McCain voting to deny the soldiers funds. How could that possibly stick in an average American’s head? They know McCain too well for that to have any resonance at all. Will any of Joe’s attacks stick?

    What will McCain do now? I hope once the “emergency bill” passes, he (finally) takes off the gloves. If he does he might be extraordinarily effective. I hope.

    I can go to sleep happy, feelin’ good about a good evening!

  • Zhombre

    Yeah, Mike, I noted even Biden said that measure McCain voted against had a timetable for withdrawal tacked on it, as if this was an insignificant thing. That is the kind of kiss-of-death rider Democrats tack on to a bill knowing it will be defeated, and thus allowing them to crow McCain and the Republicans voted against supporting the troops. I would hope voters realize that is a form of legislative three card monte. As for Gaffe Rocket Joe, every time I see this guy he’s certainly affable but reminds me more and more of Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein.

  • Mike Devx

    > As for Gaffe Rocket Joe, every time I see this guy he’s certainly affable but reminds me more and more of Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein.

    That was worth a great belly laugh as I imagined it. So true!

    Which reminds me how much Obama reminds me of “Chance” in Being There:

    Peter Sellers plays Chauncey “Chance” Gardiner: a simple gardener who has spent his entire life isolated from the world. Chance’s calm and seemingly highly intelligent demeanor is essentially a blank canvas on which each of the film’s characters paint their own picture, making Chance out to be much more than he really is.

  • Marguerite

    Maybe not pertinent to present topic, but a few months ago I read that Jerimiah Wright had written a book that was due to hit the shelves in September. Anyone remember this? Another one to join Ifill’s book in a bookstore near you on Jan. 20th?

  • Ymarsakar

    Sarah was able to actually compliment Biden while at the same time using his experience in DC against him by telling the audience that a refreshing change is needed given the economic disasters brought about by old hand politics.

    I’m watching that line of videos. Since there are a lot of “part 1s” around, I’m choosing to watch this provider consistently.

  • Ymarsakar

    THe “greedy homelenders” was a mine set up for Palin. Any positive thing she could say about the Republicans voting against the bill would be turned into “anti-American worker” comments.

    This is the “fair” moderator people like Ozzie wants for issues of complexity.

    Joe was hitting hard on McCain’s “de-regulation” record. Given that Democrats always go on the side of bad de-regulation and bad regulation, it’s something that can easily be pinned on Republicans given the focus on de-regulating all of the Dem’s bad regulations and regulating all of the Dem’s bad Fannie Mae de-regulations.

    Gwen ambushed Palin when she was getting started on putting out McCain’s “good” regulations track record. Palin responded by waiting for Gwen to mention the health topic, which when Palin responded to in detail, almost demanded that Gwen interrupt after one of her own questions.

    That’s some complex maneuvering.

    Well, good thing is that after this debate, Obama can no longer just pull Clinton out. He is in too deep.

    When Sarah mentioned her one on one negotiations with BP, that hurt. THat really hurt. I had to stop the video for a few seconds, and not just to write this.

    The thing about the Democrats is that even if they wanted to fix things, they couldn’t: not when they perception of the problem is so deceptive, wrong, and malicious. Dems believing in stealing money from those that earned it and giving it to those that didn’t earn it. How this will actually, on a philosophical bass, make more money, is left for Dem propaganda to fill in. The Dems believe that if you take the money from oil businesses, that new refineries and pollution controls will automatically go UP, because obviously the Oil Companies of America Don’t Need Profits to Invest In Such Things, now do they?

    It’s hard for honest, not good, politics to reign supreme given the amount of lying that goes around in even VP debates. But that’s how DC has become. And short of my solution to hang the offenders, you are left with non-revolutionary reform such as what Sarah proposes to conduct. But mark my words, if people think such boondocks and vampirism will continue forever, they are seriously wrong. Eventually some revolutionary cadre will spring up, and even if they fail to topple the government due to chaotic financial and security issues, things are going to spiral into worse and worse.

    This is the historical trend. Corrupt Senators in Rome living it big turned into targets for totalitarian Emperors. And then they turned into targets for the barbarians once the Emperors of Rome got weak and bankrupt.

    When Sarah got cut off the moderator said “out of time or you are out of time”. For Biden, she said “pardon me”.

    Yeah, the fix is in. Of course, the amount of external resistance you encounter is one factor to your success or failure but not the only one. Perhaps not only the most important factor in the end.

    It’s interesting that Biden has son going to or already in Iraq. Think that was an Obama decision to armor himself with?