• http://helenl.wordpress.com/ Helen Losse

    very cute.

  • Deana

    That dog is adorable!!!

    I’d love to know how she trained that dog to turn his head away when she mentions a Democrat’s name. I love my dog like crazy but she’d take a treat from the devil himself regardless of my training efforts!


  • Ellie2


    Lots of people train their dogs only to take treats when some “OK” signal is given. Sort of like teaching your children not to take candy from strangers. You can only see one human hand — the other one is likely signaling “no”, and then “roll-over” etc.


  • Deana

    Well, I’m still impressed. I’m telling you, even if I somehow managed to train my dog not to grab the treat from my hand, she’d be positively QUIVERING with excitement at the thought of the treat! I mean, somehow, that lady trained her dog to look away!!!!


  • Mike Devx

    My neighbor and I often let our dogs play in the same yard. This is one of those examples where the sum is – ridiculously – greater than the parts. We’ve got another neighbor kid that rides his bicycle past, and you’d think these two dogs were alerting the world to the presence of Satan.

    I’m impressed by the training that went into the charming little candidate chooser! A little envious of the lady’s ability, too!