Open Thread

This day is shaping up to be a packed one, so it’ll be a few hours before I get substantive here.  I’m therefore making this an open thread.

As for new readers unfamiliar with my blog, I can assure you that those who regularly comment here are about as well-informed and articulate as any people you’re ever going to find in the blogosphere.  I don’t understand why they don’t have their own blogs, although I should be grateful for the lack of competition.  All of which is to say that comment threads are substantive here, and well worth reading, as opposed to being just little snarky one liners.

Meanwhile, this macabre news story should give you a pre-Halloween laugh.

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  • Quisp

    We could start by being glad that Bill is back out on the trail with 0bama!

    Jake Tapper: How Obama Called the Clintons to “Understand” the Financial Crisis

  • Mahlon

    I wonder about the conflict of interest the lawyer has. You see, if he gets an acquittal, the guy gets to come back to work. If I’m the lawyer, maybe I don’t try as hard as I normally would.

  • suek

    I’ve wondered about this:

    You have to wonder. All that “my mother laid on her death bed fighting with her insurance company for her health care benefits”….all bogus.

    Still unknown: whether Obama helped out with the funeral expenses. Considering how he _hasn’t_ helped out his Bostonian relatives, I’d suspect not, but I haven’t seen anything about it.

  • suek

    Are there any whiz kids out there who can explain to me what this is all about? or why?

  • suek
  • suek
  • Danny Lemieux

    Looks like Cindy Sheehan is getting a history lesson on the meaning of “Kristallnacht” and the nature of a real fascist state.

    She may even come to realize that she never had it so good as under the George W. Bush “regime”.

  • suek


    I planted a link to a lengthy article by Dr. Vieira about the constitutional issues raised by Obama’s unwillingness to present his birth certificate for verification. The article was very long and involved. The link above is to an article written by Judah Benjamin on the topic. It covers some of the same material, and is much easier reading. If you didn’t wade through the other one, this one is one you really ought to read. If you _did_ wade through the other one, this one will just repeat with a few different angles, and won’t take near as much time to read!

  • suek
  • Ymarsakar

    Looks like Cindy Sheehan is getting a history lesson on the meaning of “Kristallnacht” and the nature of a real fascist state.

    Like I said at Grim’s Halls, if everything the Left said about Bush was true, then Bush’s political opponents, including his accusers, would already be in concentration camps or dead.

    Cindy Sheehan just thought that she comprehended evil and ruthlessness. She knew nothing about it in fact.

  • David Foster

    Since this is an open thread….here’s a fairly extensive post I recently put up on the Obama-Reid-Pelosi economic ideas.

  • Mike Devx

    I can’t tell if this is true or not, but the website seems legit. He’s been around awhile. Sad story about Obamaniacs in Hollywood engaging in raw, naked repression.

    Apologies for the length, but I believe it’s worth it.

    In the spacious, well-appointed conference, I’m at the tail end of a script conference with a group of high-powered studio executives. It’s a good meeting. The company is enthusiastic about my latest spec script.

    Spec scripts are not studio assignments. Instead, I wrote it on my own time in the belief that I’d find a buyer, and thus attach myself as executive producer and reap much higher financial rewards. Owning and controlling my own scripts, though risky, is one of the best ways for a Hollywood screenwriter to control his career. My batting average with specs is, so far, pretty darn good.

    The production company optioned my script almost as soon as it hit the market Now we’re discussing a rewrite—actually, more like a polish. I also have to deal with some below-the-line budget problems. Figure out a way to cut a few million from the script and make it doable. I figure I’ll scale back on the massive action scenes and combine several locations.

    The execs are a creative, experienced group. Their notes are solid. I’ve known most of them for a long time. We’ve been in Hollywood for some 20-plus years. I like and admire these execs. Always respectful of my Orthodox Judaism they go out of their way to schedule lunch meetings at kosher restaurants.

    We’re all on the same page, script-wise. I’m thinking: this is fab-u-lous, we’re gonna make an excellent movie.

    I’m also gripped with a huge sense of relief because the meeting did not include the standard and obligatory George Bush-is-worse-than-Hitler pre-meeting chat. Yup, it’s all smooth and professional — until the meeting devolves into sheer

    “Okay,” announces the senior studio executive, “I just want to make sure that everyone in this room is voting for Obama.”

    To the left of me a junior executive goes: “Well, sure, of course.”

    To the right of me another executive nods his head up and down like a bobble and mutters: “We need Obama so badly.”

    Let’s be honest, folks: I can just grunt in the affirmative and be done with the whole wretched ambush.


    The studio exec is smiling, all charm and fuzzy-wuzzy, but his eyes betray confusion. I mean, Hollywood is in the tank for Obama, all except for a handful of out-of-the closet Republicans and even more who dare not voice their conservative beliefs for fear of being blacklisted. This is not paranoia, It’s just the way it is for Hollywood Republicans swimming in an ocean of liberals.

    “Earth to Robert?”

    All eyes are on me. My colleagues are shifting uncomfortably in their super-comfy leather chairs.

    Everyone in Hollywood takes it for granted that if you work in Hollywood you are a Democrat. Hollywood people, whose job it is to imagine stuff, find it hard, if not impossible, to imagine a Republican in their midst.

    I feel like a Marrano, a secret Jew, unveiled before the Inquisition. Time to man-up. Sorta.

    “Look, I don’t talk politics. I’m here to make a movie.”

    Seriously, the studio exec looks like he’s just had a glimpse of the apocalypse and his head is about to explode.

    He’s like: “You are kidding, right?”

    I’m totally absorbed in the incredibly complex task of closing my MacBook and shtupping it into my briefcase. I glance up, all eyes on your faithful blogger.

    G-d in heaven, I silently pray, puh-leeese let loose with an earthquake—not massive and corpse strewn, mind you—just awesome enough to send everyone scurrying for their lives and get me the heck out of this totalitarian canyon.

    Is my prayer answered? No, it is not.

    I’m like: “Let’s just make a great film together.”

    My studio executive goes all Ludwig Wittgenstein on me. “You’re not voting for Barack. That means you’re voting for John McCain,”

    Now I’m focused on zipping up my laptop case. It’s unbelievably complicated and demands all my attention.

    Smiling through a deadly combination of disbelief and rapidly escalating anger: “Robert, this is not a democracy in this room. You don’t get to abstain.”

    I love liberals. They’re so not liberal it’s almost a fulfillment of George Orwell’s 1984.

    “Look, I don’t discuss politics or religion in business meetings. Sorry.”

    Sure, I could say that I’m voting for McCain-Palin, but I don’t feel like playing in their playground. I want to create some simple boundaries.

    “Sarah Palin is such a backward step for women,” chimes in a young, slender D-girl. DG is an Ivy League grad, overeducated, overbred and fashionably undernourished. She invariably shows up at meetings poised for the runway in Prada, Armani, Dolce Gabbana, plus a seemingly endless supply of Manolo Blahnik pumps, footwear whose combined cost is more than the GNP of several third world countries.

    I shrug, trying to give the impression that I’m way too stupid to process D-girl’s sophisticated political analysis.

    Finally, my agent—G-d love him—claps his hands together and all hyper and energized and trying desperately to create a Ho Chi Minh style diversion announces that this is a great script, that the notes are great, that we all have great relationships, that we’re going to make a great movie, and it’s all so, you know, great.

    Oddly enough, I don’t feel so great.

    In the elevator going down to the parking lot my agent chuckles and calls me a four-letter word. He does this with great affection.

    “Why don’t you just give ’em what they want?”

    “As Barack Obama once sad: That’s above my pay grade.”

    “It’s a good thing you have so much talent or you’d be so dead in this town.”

  • Bookworm

    If it’s from Seraphic Secret, Mike, it’s true. David is the real deal.

  • Mike Devx

    I’ll call this my KEEP UP THE HOPE comment! It’s easy to get down based on the pollsters. Especially if you still watch the mainstream media (I DO NOT), it is very easy to get discouraged. Don’t allow it!

    Here’s something fascinating.

    Everyone (well everyone here in Book’s domain) knows that the pollsters are consistently weighting polls to the Democrats advantage. To a degree never seen before in prior elections. I’ve been suspicious of this as just another form of malfeasance.

    But I just ran across an article that might explain *why* pollsters are giving EXTRA weight to Democrat advantage this year: An incredibly organized and sophisticated turnout machine.

    The question is, will this turnout machine actually work to a degree that makes a significant difference? Both major parties have had *intense* turnout efforts for quite some time. I wonder if, no matter how sophisticated the turnout operations get, the return on investment may turn out to not be worth it.

    So while I say it is fascinating, in no way do I find it discouraging. It’s just another anomaly in this election that keeps this election impossible to predict!

    We’ll find out the truth of this all in just a few more days! I remain guardedly confident that a McCain victory is in the cards. (Watch the remaining undecideds the youth turnout; imagine by how much the pollsters’ Democrat weighting might be totally wrong!

    Also note that this election is the first election in recent decades where the Black polling already completely matches the expected Black vote, since it is nearly unanimous for Obama. In all prior years, Black polling would be at 85% and would vote at 95%. That’s not going to happen this year…

    Finally, several analysts claim that given the massive Obama campaign advertising budget and blanketing of ads in swing states, anyone still undecided is simply not likely to break for Obama. And the McCain message, based on Joe the Plumber and Obama’s own ‘spread the wealth’ gaffes, is generating movement as well. So it is very reasonable to be highly optimistic that the undecideds will break for McCain at a 2:1 rate. Or even higher. (This would mimic the Clinton advantage with Obama in most late primaries…)

    The claim is that Obama has little room to improve above where he already is in the polls, so if he is sitting at 48% now, he may very well be STUCK there on Tuesday, Nov 4th.

  • Ymarsakar

    You like Seraphic Secrets too, Book? ; )

  • suek


    She has him on her blog roll…on the right…->

    That _could_ be a clue…!

  • suek

    I ran across this while looking for something else. I think I missed it first time around. Oz should read it…!

  • Danny Lemieux

    First-rate link, Suek! I note that the writer is one of my neighbors from here in Obamaupyourtopia land.

  • suek

    Check this one out…very complete rundown of Obama’s life…