1. Mike Devx says

    Pure optimism, exuberance and imagination on display in ’32!

    These days our adult musicals are filled with savage bleakness (Burton’s Sweeney Todd), or ultra-suave post-modern dripping irony (Chicago)…

  2. BrianE says

    I’ve never seen this before and that was a tremendous sequence! But doesn’t MacDonald require Eddy?

    Maybe this doesn’t count, but what about Mama Mia! If you leave aside the plot and Pierce Brosnan’s singing, I enjoyed it.
    Across the Universe, while suitably melancholy, fit the times and did end with hope.
    The Music Man is still my all time favorite.

    2001 A Space Odessey is on right now. The special effects are just as impressive today as when it was made.

  3. Mike Devx says


    Good point on Mamma Mia! I think there was an incredibly strong surge of support and enthusiasm for it, over the summer in the theatres, from your good old average salt of the earth American women!

    I’ve been a fan of Abba for twenty years plus. I’ll make sure to check out ‘Mamma Mia’ on DVD.

    I’ll probably catch ‘Across the Universe’ as well, based on your recommendation. I understood it to be a totally unfocused mess of a movie, but if it’s got a message of hope at the end, that makes it worthy of sampling.

  4. BrianE says

    The finale from Rose Marie:

    I couldn’t find “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life” from Naughty Marietta. They’re all good.

    I’d agree that Across the Universe is a mess of a movie, but unfocused? I suppose trying to make a coherent movie from an assortment of tunes would lead to that.
    I thought it did a pretty good job of capturing the time. And she could have gone many different directions with the songs, but the songs are well done.–2165104

    Another sign of the times.

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