• Mike Devx

    Joe Biden always campaigns against himself. A blogger at ‘The Corner’ said this:

    Only Joe Biden could make a gaffe in the act of addressing his gaffes. It’s just a matter of time before he gets stuck in a recursive infinite gaffe loop

    Isn’t there a (black hole) Schwarzechilde radius effect possible here, where the sheer mass of the Biden gaffes exceeds the capacity of the words to escape his proximity? No words at all could escape; a verbal black hole.

    Speeches by others, when Biden is present, would then become attenuated and shaky, as most of the power of the words is drained into the Biden Singularity. His camera image would undergo a Doppler effect, he would eventually go infrared and then completely black.

    What happens when Joe Biden becomes a black hole? Congress is already a black hole for the financial worth of our entire country. The metaphysical possibilities of a Biden Singularity lurking inside the Washington Black Hole are breathtaking.