Welcome to sharia

A thirteen year old (or, maybe, a 23 year old) was stoned to death for adultery after 3 men raped her. Showing their humanity, Somali authorities had nurses on hand to check on the girl.  When the nurses exhumed her from the hole they’d placed her in for the stoning, and reported that she was alive, she was reburied, and the stoning continued until she was conclusively dead.

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  • Ellie2


  • Charles Martel

    In my neighborhood there’s a young west African man who walks many of the neighbors’ dogs. He is a Muslim, and also one of the kindest, sweetest-natured people I know.

    Sometimes we’ll talk about religion — he’s surprised that I’m as familiar with the Qu’ran and Hadiths as I am, and that I can fill him in on the Christian point of view when the discussion veers that way.

    At one point I reminded him that the Qu’ran calls for him to observe shar’ia law if he is to be truly pleasing in the eyes of God. Technically, I said, his live-and-let-live, almost mystical approach to Islam would be condemned by almost all imams.

    He said he realizes that his version of Islam can only exist in a place like the United States. He knows that if a large Muslim population begins to develop here, as in Europe, shar’ia will come to be covertly exerted, first in the Muslim community, then against infidels.

    He knows he could be killed for his views.

    I think that it is important that our society resist every encroachment by Muslims who want to inure us to shar’ia’s underlying savagery the way they have with the Europeans.

    That means not allowing “informal” courts to mediate in matters of marriage or family, as recently suggested by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Given Islam’s profound antipathy toward women and homosexuals, none of its practitioners should ever be given even quasi-legal status to adjudicate matters involving those parties.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s one of the many benefits the locals can experience once they have kicked those Imperialist Americans out, Book.

  • Deana

    This makes my stomach hurt.

    That poor girl. There is no justice there. No light, no freedom, nothing.

    All I can think about is what the children and women who saw that must think when they go home at night. It must be terrifying.


  • Danny Lemieux

    You cannot imagine what other children and women thought, Deana. What they think defies our comfortable, parochial Western imaginations, especially those of us that believe that all cultures and belief systems are equal.

    As Ellie2 put it, “Jesus wept”.

  • suek

    Part of the problem is with those who don’t understand the power of faith. That was Bush’s strength – he understood the power of religion. Those who have no religion think muslims are just ignorant. They think they can be educated, and when educated in the west will redognize the superiority of western values and therefore will no longer be a danger to us. They’re wrong.