• Charles Martel

    At first I thought, “So what, a ditzy white woman has converted to Islam?”

    Then I remembered this is a woman who really, really, really likes little kids.

    Kind of like the founder of the religion.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I think that Michael Jackson has found his true home. Good riddance!

  • BobK

    The cynical recovering attorney in me is whispering that this *might* have something to do with a 4.7 million pound lawsuit, a prince from Bahrain, and testimony beginning on Monday…

    Any experts on sharia and civil suits out there care to comment?

  • Mike Devx

    >> News about Michael Jackson, everybody’s favorite example of someone who loves plastic surgery and little boys. >>

    You mean there’s another example out there of someone who loves plastic surgery and little boys?

    When the Body Snatchers came to earth about twenty years ago, Michael Jackson got the only pod that was exposed to a leeeetle bit too much hard radiation.

  • Charles Martel

    Since a woman’s testimony is only half that of a man’s under shar’ia, the amount of the lawsuit against Michelle Jackson will be reduced from 4.7 million pounds to 2.35 million pounds.

    Seems only fair.

  • Synova

    Totally and utterly unfounded speculation….

    MJ, being a pay-check beyond human comprehension, kept his boyish voice by being made a eunuch. Thus… he won’t ever be convicted of abusing a little boy.