Bodies in motion

Egads!  I’ve spent this entire day in transit.  I went to my daughter’s school for her teacher conference.  Then I came home and took the children to my mother’s for lunch.  Raced home from that and went to my son’s teacher conference.  Returned home in time to fix my son a snack and get him down the freeway to the carpool rendezvous for his next activity.  We were about one minute away when we realized he’d forgotten his all important notebook.  Back up the freeway, then back down the freeway, then back up the freeway one more time to come home.

I just landed, and have a two hour window before I have to go anywhere else.  You will not be surprised, therefore, to learn that I haven’t read a single on-line paper today.  However, I did listen to the radio, including a bit of Mark Levin, and want to recommend this Tony  Blankley article about healthcare mandates coming soon to a Congress near you.  It makes for scary and undemocratic (that’s small “d” democratic) reading.

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  • Ymarsakar

    He proposes setting up a board to establish standards for health care delivery in the United States that would be modeled on how the Federal Reserve Board and Securities and Exchange Commission oversee banks and corporations. Technically, it only would oversee the public health systems (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Health Administration, etc.), which provide about 32 percent of health care nationwide.

    That’s a great way to fund political campaigns. Given what Fannie May gave to Frank and Barack concerning giving Fannie May goodies in the federal regulations, this will get the health orgs doing the same thing.

    Everybody benefits in the end. Except a couple of worthless sheep cogs the intellectual elite won’t have to bother with: riff raff that’ll die outside in lines for the ER or be bankrupt cause of financial exploitation.