Little boy compliments

I’ve always liked to dance, so when my 9 year old put on a Beach Boys CD, I started bopping around the kitchen.  He watched me for a minute, with a big smile, and then said, “You know, if you were 25 years younger, you’d look really good.”

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  • Earl

    How long before his bruises heal?


  • Charles Martel

    Earl, LOL.

    My mother, who would laugh at the drop of a hat, would sit across from me at our breakfast table when I was in high school and silently note the small pieces of toilet paper I had attached to my face to stanch the flow of blood from where I had nicked myself shaving.

    She could not resist commenting.

    So, she would catch my eye and say, “You know son. . .” And as she said that, she would turn her head all the way left then sweep it all the way right, then back — so fast that my face had to have been a blur.

    “You know son, if you look real FAST you are turning into one handsome fellow!”

  • babbie

    Reminds me of when my 12-year-old daughter commented quite compassionately one day, “It must be hard to get old.”

  • Earl

    Still remember when my pre-teen daughter came home from camp talking about a counselor she liked…..we asked how old she was, and Laura replied she thought “middle-aged”. We pressed – how many years was that? “Oh, about 25”, she replied! Ha.

    Of course, when I went to college as a freshman, I met the man who became my favorite teacher, and Boy! did *he* seem old…… Later, when I returned to join him on the faculty, feeling pretty young and spry myself at 35, I counted back and figured he had been just about my age when I started as a student…..made me much more realistic about how the students were seeing me than some of the fellows who seemed to be trying to “be a buddy” with kids who must have thought them very odd.

    I find getting old (61 at last count) a really fascinating experience…wouldn’t miss it for the world! :-)

  • Bookworm

    I’m definitely more comfortable in my own skin as I age, but I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the chronic joint pain.

    Still (Y, are you listening?), we did bag work at the dojo today, and I kept up beautifully for seven high-intensity two minute rounds. Back in January, I would have fainted after the first two rounds. I’m very pleased with my increased stamina, which is something I feared I’d lost forever.