The Orwellian police state in Europe expands

The quest for ever greater bureaucratic efficiency, especially in a Europe without borders, means that Britain’s local Big Brother database is probably going to be released to the whole of Europe:

Britons could find themselves forced to prove they are innocent of crimes abroad after the Government agreed to EU-wide access to its ‘Big Brother’ databases.

All 26 other member countries will be able to check against sensitive personal information held on driver registration, DNA and fingerprint computer systems.

Where there is a match, a suspect-could be extradited to face trial abroad or – at the least – be forced to explain their movements or provide an alibi.

I’m sure Brits are comforted to know that the EU is keeping an eye on things.

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  • Mike Devx

    >> Where there is a match, a suspect-could be extradited to face trial abroad or – at the least – be forced to explain their movements or provide an alibi. >>

    There have been mutterings of a “North American Union”. I’m familiar with having to provide an alibi – under certain circumstances – to police or DA’s, but I have absolutely no intention of providing it for any supra-governmental entity. Them’s be fightin words.

    And, “explain my movements”? Frankly, my dictator, I don’t give a damn. About anything you wish to know.

  • Ymarsakar

    These people want to build a paradise on Earth. They believe this is a Good Thing (TM) and will fulfill the wishes of human beings, thus making them happy. In reality, let us look at the etymology of the word “paradise”.


    Biblically speaking, the first paradise was the Garden of Eden. But linguistically speaking, it was a Persian amusement park. Or more precisely, it was the walled park of a Persian ruler or noble, observed more than two thousand years ago by a young Greek named Xenophon, who was serving as a soldier in Persia (modern-day Iran). After Cyrus, Xenophon’s leader, was killed in the battle of Cunaxa in 401 b.c., the ten thousand Greek troops had to fight their way through hostile Persian territory to get home. Xenophon made it back and lived to tell about it. His telling, called Anabasis, established his reputation as one of the greatest historians of all time. And in Anabasis he used the Persian term pairidaeza to describe the great parks of the Persian rulers. Pairi means “around,” and daeza means “mound” or “wall,” so pairidaeza is a place that is walled around.

    The land of Persia, of the Aryans and Parthians, are dry, desolate, and hard. Resource requirements for such luxuries as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the enclosed gardens of the Persian nobles consisted of three things: land, water, and manpower. The amount of water it took to sustain the plants, the manpower required to guard, sustain, and maintain the irrigation, and the land required in order to have a space to place all these things were available only to the rich and powerful. While many starved, the Persian rulers had a peaceful paradise to retreat to, free from the dryness of Persia. While many died of thirst, the Persian rulers had plenty of water to spare for their gardens and plants.

    Now do you see the true meaning of the Left’s “Paradise”? It is an enclosed space, from which walls surround the precious elements within, protected from the external harshness of the environment and the threat of human greed. It is a luxury that uses resources allocated and redistributed by the rich and the powerful at the expense of the poor and the downtrodden. The walls are there to keep the good stuff in and the bad sorts out (like peasants). The water, the soil, and the irrigation systems, enough to feed and sustain several families on the steppes and deserts, are reserved for the entertainment of the nobles.

    This is the Left’s Paradise, what they would wish to create from the bones of our children, ground down by sandstorms and utter desolation. It is a wondrous object and a great luxury, but only for the elite few. It is a magnificent achievement and will be talked about for ages, like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But what it won’t do is to help the people survive and prosper: that it will not do.

    P.S. History is replete with hidden knowledges like this for those that know where to find them. Is it any wonder why Academia has successfully made youths hate studying history?

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, Book, have you already forgotten that it is America that has gone down the road of Fascism and religious right wing ideologies? You are only trying to ignore American problems by blaming the Europeans!

  • Danny Lemieux

    “The dark night of fascism is forever descending upon the United States, yet somehow it always lands in Europe” – Jean Francois Revel

  • Danny Lemieux

    I know that farmers today put bar-coded ear tags on their cows that are automatically read every time that they (the cows, that is) enter the barn to be milked (i.e., taxed).

    Watch. Pretty soon we should be able to spot British tourists by their ear tags.

  • Danny Lemieux

    You think that I am kidding, don’t you? Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

    This “tagged” British tourist was recently spotted in North America. I believe that she originates from the Isle of Jersey.

    Watch. This will be a trend.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Whoa…what happened to my link?

  • Tiresias

    Hey – one of the family doggies right now walks around with an implanted chip that tells anyone with a scanner who he is; who I am; where he lives; his phone number; whether he’s had shots or not; how old he is; and his medical history.

    How long will it be before the kiddies are thus implanted? (The ones who aren’t already, I mean – it’s already being done voluntarily by parents so Little Vanilla can’t be kidnapped, abused, lost, stolen, strayed, or whatever else her mother’s worried about.)

    When you’re thus implanted as a kid you are of course entirely trackable – forever – as an adult. Thanks, Mom!

    Have you checked out the new driver licenses appearing in many states? The “enhanced ID” driver licenses? Very cute, there’s a little RFID implanted in there: they know where you are. Every time you pass a scanner attuned to it, they know it. In our state the stated purpose is to make border crossings “easier” (it’s a “benefit,” of course!) so traffic flows, etc. – and I guess we’re to believe it’s just a side effect that it renders you trackable when you’re out and about in your own damn town – or get on an airplane, or walk through a metal detector to board an Amtrak train…

    Kind of like the “EZ Pass” transponders for paying tolls. When those things were first introduced in NY they closed down more than one marriage, because it was simple to look at the records and see where the car’d been all day by tracking the tolls paid, the time they were paid, and the direction the car was traveling. Gotcha…

    Your car will rat you out nowadays, too. They’ve been coming with miniature “black box” data recorders for years, which the manufacturers just don’t bother to tell you about – except for one warning somewhere in the driver’s manual. “This is so we can collect data on accidents and make safer cars.” Uh-huh. It’s also so if you should happen to have an accident your insurance company can look at you and say: “tough cheese, Charlie: you were going 43 in a 40 mile an hour zone, therefore you were breaking the law by speeding, therefore we’re off the hook: you ain’t covered.”

    Oh, brave new world…

  • suek
  • Ymarsakar

    Thanks suek.