1. Mike Devx says

    Wow, that may the most austere Christmas painting I’ve ever seen!

    But the artistry shown in the images of the houses and especially of the trees and the ambient light around them, is simply magnificent! Awesome! I couldn’t stop taking those images in, they’re marvelous.

    But… another quibble, sorry! Judging from the shifting directions of the shadows of the horses and the people, that moon looming there, behind the tree, must be only about forty feet above the ground, and therefore have a true width of perhaps eight feet. NASA sure spent a lot of money on a forty foot trip.

  2. Ymarsakar says

    Merry Christmas to Bookworm and company.

    our many sparring partners

    Oh, you’re talking about here. I was thinking about sparring partners on the mat when I read that.

  3. suek says

    Echoing all of the good wishes intoned (?) by all. I’m a bit late, but Christmas was busy busy busy. No computer time at _all_ yesterday. Now all is quiet again, and it’s time to get ready for a great influx on New Year’s Day.

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