Oh, to be in government

When I outspend my budget,* I have to make drastic cuts in my expenditures.  Sadly, I cannot march into my boss and announce that he must immediately give me a huge raise to cover the shortfall.  Fortunately for those in government, because they have the rare ability to boss around those who pay them, they can cover their shortfall, not by cutting waste (the government unions would never allow that), but by demanding a huge raise to cover the shortfall.  Hold on to your wallets, if you can, because 2009 is going to be a very costly year.


*Just kidding.  Because I’m (a) frugal (some would say cheap) and (b) lucky enough that both Mr. Bookworm and I have stable incomes, I never outspend my budget.

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    The Governator’s “management” of California’s situation should make him radioactive….absolutely untouchable for ANY further office. And yet, apparently he’s still welcome at Republican gatherings, and continues as a “mover and shaker” in political circles generally.

    It would be funny, except that this kind of overweening ignorance and arrogance is going to be paid for by those who, like Bookworm (and ME), act responsibly to stay within their budgets and lay aside some assets to take care of themselves in the future. The government is going to steal that from us – using taxation and inflation – in order to postpone, for a little while, the reckoning that ALWAYS comes.

    Pitchforks……torches…..and rope!

  • Ymarsakar


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