The attack on Gaza

Israel finally said “enough is enough” and counterattacked Gaza.  I think John Podhoretz nails everything that needs to be said on the subject in the short-term, and I’m impressed enough with his depth and brevity to reproduce his entire paragraph right here:

Israel launched a massive air campaign against the infrastructure of Hamas terror in Gaza — which is what it actually means when you read in the media that Israel’s strike was on “Palestinian security forces.” It will be a day or two until it becomes clear what happened and how successful the mission was. But there are three things to say about it immediately. First, when you hear people call on Israel to show “restraint,” remember that “restraint” is precisely what Israel has been showing for the past three and a half years as Hamas has launched thousands of Kassam rockets at Sderot and other locations inside Israel. Second, this was not an attack but a counter-attack, almost purely an act of self-defense that featured extensive warnings in the days before it was launched in an effort to minimize civilian casualties. Third, the Hamas terror bases were evidently located in civilian neighborhoods. According to international law, the responsibility for any civilian casualties in such a situation rests entirely with those who a) failed to wear uniforms and b) interwove themselves with non-combatants. The fault is Hamas’s, not Israel’s.

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  • Gringo

    Pretty soon Hamas is going to call for a Hudna. While Hamas wants to destroy Israel, Hamas doesn’t like it when Israel fights back.

    Factoid: the Spanish word for “never” is jamás, which is pronounced somewhat the same as “Hamas,”, though the Spanish “j” is more guttural. As in Hamas will never accept the existence of Israel, as in Israel should never cave in to Hamas.

  • dianemadeline

    I was listening to WTOP radio in the car after a MD Terps game. The news update mentioned the Gaza action and cut to an interview with someone from The New America Foundation. This gentleman was so condescending and biased I was incensed.

    Two highlights: 1. The hundreds of rockets that Hamas has fired over time didn’t cause one Israeli casualty. (as if that matters!) 2. The cycle of violence will now continue until “adults” from outside the Middle East step in and force a cease fire. Imagine a British pronunciation with the emphasis on the first syllable in “adults.”

    Had to turn the radio off. Thanks for this excerpt from someone who makes sense.

  • ExPreacherMan


    Great insight.

    Finally Israel shows some resolve. It may have been done now because they fear Obama’s soon to be implemented Mideast policy.

    If Israel has the guts to elect Netanyahou, my guess is he will not bow to the dictates of an even more compromised American foreign policy under Obama/Clinton.

    Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem.

    In Christ,