Thanks for the link.

    I’d like to second your comment.

    A point omitted from the article is the fact that when not killing Israelis, or western targets – Hamas, Hezbollah, the Arafats of the world are killing one another.

    The attacks in Mumbai on hotel guests, attacks in Bali, attack in Ireland on the airport draw the headline for the week, but the survival of an entire country, Israel, draws condemnation from the left, the UN and the ‘I get to pick and choose’ loonies.

  • Zhombre

    Bravo! Peters is one of the few newspaper columnists I consistently read with attention. I know personally or have met quite a few newspaper scribblers where I live and most of them don’t know a damn thing. They know how to write, and are familiar with the conventional liberal wallpaper that decorates the interior of their minds, but the real world is something that eludes them.