Watch out, weasels!

The votes are in and counted over at the Watcher’s Council, and we thought everything submitted was so good that the Watcher was faced with a four way tie (not to mention myriad other ties).  Still, things sorted themselves out and the results are good.

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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  1. suek says

    I have no idea what the Council’s rules are, but that “Gramscian Damage” article, while excellent, was written in Feb of 2006.

    That seemed a bit odd. Though it was well written and certainly worth reading…

  2. highlander says

    I agree suek. For me, even though apparently written in February 2006, “Gramscian Damage” was best in show.

    Memes planted so long ago by the Soviet KGB are now maturing and bearing evil fruit in our universities, in our media and in the minds of far too many ordinary Americans. They have been absorbed into the body of conventional wisdom, ideas which too few of us think to question any more.

    This is a different form of warfare. It’s one we need to learn how to win, and we need to learn soon.

  3. says

    That seemed a bit odd. Though it was well written and certainly worth reading…

    it is not odd at all. If I have the timeline causality down, either Book or Laer (probably Laer) recommended it. Laer got it from me and I know I posted that link and another one here as well. But what may not be common knowledge, suek, is that I got the two links from Cannoneerno 4 at purpleslog’s blog.

    And you read his blog, suek ; ) So just think of it as a more roundabout way of getting Civilian Irregular news.

  4. says

    You are too sweet, Y. I’ve been a bit stagnant lately — still suffering from post-election intellectual malaise. I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike.

    Well, you could always blog about your experiences in self-defense and martial arts classes, Book. At least, that always seems to inspire me…

  5. says

    You know, Book, I believe you could have worked with Laer to “rig” the system, so to speak. I checked and Laer did submit Gramscian damage, which meant that you could have submitted the hoover document link. Imagine the possibilities!

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