There’s still life on the American frontier

It’s lovely to find that there are still stories about American self-sufficiency.  The following story comes from a community in the Sierra foothills, one that is becoming a bit more gentrified, but that is still solid America, especially if you hang out at Hog shops:

A Placer County inmate is back in custody after several people chased him and tackled him to the ground until police arrived.

Forty-nine-year-old David Todd had emerged from a field with his orange jumpsuit drenched in water, arousing the suspicion of customers and staff at a Harley-Davidson shop.

According to one of the people who pursued Todd, one man had a pair of handcuffs, which were used to restrain the inmate.

Please note, too, that there was no ugly vigilantism here.  Just citizens being aware and taking responsibility.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Just citizens being aware and taking responsibility.

    Can’t have that. Only the courts like the EU’s Amsterdam one can pontificate on law and its execution.

  • suek

    Just “happened” to have a set of handcuffs with him? hmmmm….!

    Oh well. I just hope Todd was uninjured in any way – or there’s going to be a lawsuit. About the only way today that you can be an active concerned citizen is to be totally lacking in assets. No assets, no suits.

    We need lawyers for a civilized legal system, but I have to tell you….they _do_ have their drawbacks!

  • suek
  • David Foster

    Have you ever noticed how hostile “progressives” generally are to the image of the American frontier? The word “cowboy” is one of their favorite insults.

    There’s a story about an English gentlemen, touring the American West in the late 1900s, who met a cowboy.

    “Where is your master, my man?” asked the Englishman.

    “Son-of-a-bitch ain’t been born yet,” replied the cowboy.

    I think that really, really bothers some people.

  • suek

    I’m still working on the “Libs hate the military” thing. I got thinking about it last night, and I wonder if the thing isn’t back to the old religion thing. And that the old religion thing is the fact that they just flat don’t want anybody telling them what to do or not do.

    Which, in a sense, makes them just like the above mentioned cowboy – except that as strongly as they don’t want to be told what to do or not do, they _do_ want to tell other people what to do – or not do – as long as they’re the ones doing the “telling”.

    The fact that the military obeys orders makes the military stupid – just as they think that _not_ obeying orders (or anybody) makes them intellectually superior. I don’t understand that – it’s a bit like the old “herding cats” kind of thing – but I think that’s the underlying principle.


  • suek

    Oh yeah…and the fact that religions tell people what to do and/or what not to do means that people who belong to religions are therefore also stupid. Libs are – again – intellectually superior, so therefore they don’t belong to religions. _Nobody_ tells them what to do!!

  • David Foster

    suek…but yet a lot of “progressives” are in careers where their success is *very* dependent on thinking the way other people want them to. A professor seeking tenure in the humanities will succeed or fail based on whether he holds popular opinions to a greater extent than a professor seeking tenure in Electrical Engineering. And in the private sector, the career of an HR manager is more dependent on “thinking right” than the career of a sales manager–and I bet “progressives” tend more toward the first than toward the second..

  • suek

    >>…but yet a lot of “progressives” are in careers where their success is *very* dependent on thinking the way other people want them to.>>

    True. But I think there’s a difference – in their minds – between thinking “correctly” and being told that there’s a right way and a wrong way, and what’s more, if you do it the wrong way, there _will_ be consequences.

    So that they don’t tell you have to think thus and so or you’ll be punished (that will come later – even then it won’t be “punishment” but rather re-education), but they just assume that if they convince you that it’s the “correct” way to think, of course you will do so, because we all want to be correct…correct?

  • Ymarsakar

    Progressive transnationalism is like a cult. It doesn’t have to be consistent vis a vis any other belief systems. If you believe what the cult leaders says and the doctrine of the cult (the Left) then anything can become reality so long as the cult leader says it is so. And, of course, this means that apostasy and heresy from cult official dogma is one of the worst crimes around.

    Fake liberals don’t think our way of doing things and our way of thinking is “superior” to theirs. Fake liberals just think we’re different and thus a threat. Since we come from the same culture/nation, this means that we should know better what the cult leaders say, because we have been told what the party line is, and still we refuse to obey. This makes us far more of a danger than Islamic terrorism because Islamic terrorism can be seen as barbarians and thus, outside the social circle of the Left.

    The primary concern of the cult is enforcing loyalty and obedience on the cult members. The second concern of the cult is defeating potential external sources that can lead to the cult’s dismantling or weakening. We, as Americans or Westerners or just reasonable people, are a threat to the cults of the Left and the cults of Islam. That would be plenty enough to warrant our execution and elimination but we are also the primary motivation for disobedience amongst the cult’s own members. We are actively recruiting them and de-programming cult members, whether via the rule of non-Sharia law in Islam or via classical liberalism for fake liberals.

    We are both an internal and external threat to them. Many members of the Republican alliance were former cult members and thus have an inside track and insider connections that can be utilized to further infiltrate or destabilize the Left. They cannot tolerate this. The fact that we are an external threat that can destroy them from the outside, using laws or simple military might, makes them even more paranoid. You must understand that fake liberals surely do realize that the US military does a far better job at “social justice” than any Leftist dominated government program or pork barrel project. They won’t accept that. They can’t accept that. They also know that Republican policies, if implemented, will destroy the power base of the Democrat party and their control of minorities, blacks, and the rest of the victim mobs. They can’t have that either.

    Democrats are not all that concerned about unethical or evil behavior by their members, since cult loyalty has a very high priority amongst that group: far higher than loyalty to the nation. However, when Democrats, like Reagan or Miller or Lieberman help the Republicans, then the gloves come off. Any sign of conversion, as is true for Islam and the former Soviet Union, is punished by death. For death offers no hope.

    Since the Dems don’t have the resources for actual assassination, they must go for character assassination. The benefits of that, however, is that retribution is not easy to come to fruition. Well, that is true for actual assassination as well but you can’t use it as often as character assassination. And certainly it is not as effective in the US, which doesn’t depend upon one leader for everything. With the 2nd Amendment preventing much of the terror benefits of people being killed to keep them silent.

  • David Foster

    suek…one more thought on this. A lot of “progressives” seem to work in a field in which action is *very* regimented…I’m speaking about public K-12 education, with its endless policies for every imaginable situation.

    I would bet that there are many school systems in which a teacher or an administrator has considerably less discretion than (say) a Chief or a Lieutenant in the Navy.

  • Ymarsakar

    Foster, like the Arab militaries?

  • suek

    >>I’m speaking about public K-12 education, with its endless policies for every imaginable situation.>>

    Ah yes. Very true…but what do you want to bet that those endless policies have been reached by _consensus_….”we all _agree_ that these should be the policies!

    I remember a meeting where we discussed our elementary school’s “mission” statement. We met at a local hotel, and the meeting went on all day. They had booked the room for the day and made arrangements for lunch and refreshments. Now – do you really think that with that set up that they could just whip out a short statement of something like “Our mission is to prepare each child for high school to the best of our ability and the best of their capability”? What else can a school do? But no, it had to have noble sounding stuff in it, we had to include something about “regardless of race” as if that mattered – on and on. If we’d finished the meeting in one or two hours (including socializing time) then the rest of the room rental would be wasted, and we’d have to report out that we only took an hour or so. This way, we argued and caviled over wording for hours and everyone went home happy that they’d done a really good job. Except me. I thought the mission statement they came up with was stilted, forced, artificial and another word I can’t pull out of my brain but which means trying to be better than one’s class. But I voted for it…you bet I voted for it. Anything – by 4 PM – to get done with it. I was a minority of one when it came to short and sweet, and if we didn’t get the thing voted in, we were going to have to schedule _another_ day to “work” on it. Heaven help us!!

    Libs don’t demand. They don’t punish…they just drip drip drip like Chinese water torture. But they get concensus. And you _know_ that if you don’t agree with them, you’re going to have to tolerate _more_ drip drip drip.

    So of course everybody falls into line.

    Oh yeah….and below is a link to a Fox News article today on someone’s tour of Gtmo. Very interesting for the perspective it offers on a number of different issues – the terrorists’ culture, the discipline of our young men…and a couple of odd things just thrown in. Nothing to do with the topic, but an interesting read. Consider throwing these guys into a general population prison… wowzez.,2933,486246,00.html

  • Ymarsakar

    Consensus essentially means rule by the minority.

    Who wants to hear the reasoning behind that, assuming they missed it the last time?