I’m sad — in a very happy way

Who cares about the content?  You’ve got to love this CNN headline:

Obama to lay out sober assessment, hopeful future

The story’s content, as you’ve probably guessed, is that Obama has figured out that people elected Mr. Hopenchange, not Mr. Doom-and-Gloom.  So, he’s got to say that everything is awful, so that (a) it won’t be his fault if nothing improves and (b) he can have an opening for his radical policies, but he’s got to say it with a big, cheery smile plastered on his face.  Should be interesting, especially seeing whether voters listen to his speech with their hearts or their brains.

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  1. Danny Lemieux says

    My money is on most citizens taking their brains out of the cranial cavities and putting them in frozen storage for the duration of Obama’s Hopeychange fireside chat. Question is, will those brains ever be replaced in their proper position? Just askin’. I will watch, though.

  2. Quisp says

    Danny, I had to do that yesterday to get through news of the “fiscal responsibility summit.” I was afraid the cognitive dissonance would make my head explode. But hey, without my brain in Obama seems like a real nice guy. Think his new healthcare plan will cover lobotomies for those who just can’t understand him otherwise?

    The real question of the day – Did Larry Summers really fall asleep, or was he comatose with embarrassment?

  3. says

    Sorry….can’t (won’t) watch.

    Some things are beyond the call of duty, and I have a very good excuse — papers to grade. Which explains why I’m in here commenting. I HATE grading papers – the best thing about retirement will be living in the same town as my granddaughter, but a close second will be no more grading my students’ writing!!

    I’ll read about President HopeyChangey’s speech tomorrow. (retch)

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