I side with the Muslims (and Christians) on this one *UPDATED*

The article only interviewed Muslim parents, but it’s clear Christians were involved as well.  These were the parents in England who pulled their young children out of school rather than have the children be subject to a month long GLBT indoctrination, er, education sessions — and who are now being threatened with government sanctions.

Let me state here what regular readers already know:  I am a libertarian.  I do not care with whom you sleep or with whom you fall in love.  I do not wish any ill on any people because of their sexuality.  I believe that there is a graduated scale of sexuality, with some people being completely heterosexual and some people being absolutely homosexual (I’ve known both kinds), and many people floating in the middle, amenable to cultural pressures (and I’ve known many of these too).

I am also a parent.  If my children are gay I will love them and wish the best for them, whatever their choices.  However, I don’t want them to be gay.  The gay culture is not a healthy one, with higher rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and partner abuse.  This is something I’ve seen first hand, growing up and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most gay friendly environments in the world.  I don’t know why the gay lifestyle seems to carry with it more lifestyle problems, and I won’t hazard any guesses here.  Whatever the reason, it’s not what I hope for my children.

Therefore, while I believe it is extremely important that children are taught to be tolerant of people’s lifestyle choices, I do not believe it is up to the public school system to present a cheery perfect view of homosexual life that, quite sadly, is often at odds with the reality of the GLBT culture.  I’m concerned that, in addition to providing rah-rah cheer to that small number of children who are indubitably at the homosexual end of the sexuality scale, it will also provide a little too much encouragement to those who float in the fluid middle.  Additionally, given that these classes were aimed at 3rd and 4th graders, who have, at best, a hazy view of sexuality, these lessons struck me as teaching way more than the kids needed to know.

P.S. (and warning): This post is about children and education and sexuality and the state assuming the role of parent when it comes to teaching sexual values, especially to very young children .  If you wish to engage in gay bashing, do not do it here.  I will delete any comments I deem threatening or offensive or just plain crude on that subject.

UPDATE:  And, coincidentally, here’s an article from today’s Chron about the fact that lesbians have more health problems, both biological and lifestyle related.

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  • Charles Martel

    Book, one of the arguments I’ve heard ad nauseum from liberal friends when they learn of my pro-life stance is “I don’t believe the government has the right to be in our bedrooms.”

    Aside from pointing out the non-sequitur they commit when they say that, I ask, “Then how come you allow the government to enter your children’s bedrooms and teach them how to have sex? How is that any less an intrusion and violation of privacy?”

    Of course the query goes right over their heads. So, I sum it up for them: If the government wants to teach children about the goodness of condoms, sodomy and “responsible” premarital sex, it’s OK for it to intrude on children’s privacy. But if the government wants to restrict your ability to take a helpless human life, it’s overstepping its bounds.

    I’m always happy when I can do liberals’ thinking for them.

  • expat

    That Chron article had some strangle stuff. It seems to want to pin a high rate of HIV to social rejection. Sorry, but isn’t HIV a virus that is transmitted sexually and spreads particularly rapidly when there are many partners. Also, the type of sexual behavior (anal intercourse) plays a role in transmission. There are some gays who applaud the bathhouse culture, so how does social rejection have anything to do with disease rates. This is shabby science. I have no problem with investigating medical problems that gays and lesbians face, but there is certainly an air of hysteria in the article.

    I am basically with you, Book, on what seems to be an attempt to indoctrinate children. Let kids be kids and give them room to mature at their individual speed.

  • Ellen

    I’m with you on this Book. My own children are grown, but I worry about my grandchildren. I think the homosexual lifestyle is morally disordered, but if I wanted to live with saints I’d have to move to heaven. I’ve worked with any number of gay men and women, some of whom I liked and some of whom were jerks. In fact it was a gay man who opened my eyes to the total idiocy of at least one part of the gay agenda – the idea that we are ALL in danger of AIDS.
    This guy got AIDS and became a rabid activist. He was constantly saying that we are ALL in DANGER and reiterated it over, and over and over again. I could only think that my chances of getting AIDS were nil no matter what he said. I was celibate and I never needed blood transfusions, and I didn’t do drugs. So, sorry, but we are not ALL in DANGER. He eventually died, and I mourned him. Despite his wrongheadedness, I liked him and prayed for him.

    I work in a children’s library and we get any number of books about how wonderful gay mommies and daddies are. The mom of the child whose daddy has left them is always cool with his choice and the child of the two mommies can only call a turkey baster “daddy” but she is unfazed about it. Everything in these alternative families is bathed in a rosy glow.

    Meanwhile, I search in vain for children’s books that depict a more common alternative family – the grandparents who raise their grandchildren. But this topic isn’t one that publishers are interested in I guess.

  • http://thoughtyoudneverask.blogspot.com/ zabrina

    As a parent dealing with this in the schools, I understand that one can be not anti-gay, but very vehemently anti-politically correct about contemporary radical ideas of gayness-as-leftist-politics foisted into the schools and other social institutions. It is because gayness has been hijacked by radical, militant, high-profile, fascist agendas (all in the name of “compassion,” of course) that it has become such a problem. The tactics of the left (whether agitating for gays, women, ethnic groups, etc.) seek to create polarity, maximize it, and demonize those who dissent in whatever ways, for any reasons.

    Read Miriam Grossman’s book, “Unprotected,” to see how the gay politically-correct agenda actually puts gay college students and others at health risk when it comes to HIV and special privileges of “privacy” brought about by militant gay agitators pushing political correctness into law. If they were truly compassionate about gays they would not be doing this.

    It is a similar situation to when I was young and considered myself of course a feminist–I believed in equal voting rights and opportunities for women. Then I was finally and reluctantly convinced by the evidence all around me that calling myself a feminist meant I was ostensibly signing on and lending support to the far-left, often Marxist agenda that the feminists of my age had tarred the whole movement with. Left-wing fascists have hijacked feminism, black power, gay rights, and other group identity movements and are riding them hard for their own purposes, using political correctness and personal attacks to intimidate.

    All we can do is keep pushing back and articulating our reasons and our positions, in hopes that thinking, fair-minded people will listen and learn.

  • Deana

    Ellen –

    That is interesting. I knew there were children’s books that dealt with homosexual parents but had never thought about whether there were books that address something so common as grandparents raising their grandkids.

    That really says a lot about how intent many in the homosexual community are in getting their lifestyle normalized.


  • 11B40


    In spite of your “P.S.” addendum, what this is about is politics which I understand to be the acquisition and utilization of power. However various “victim” groups dress up their demands in terms of equality and justice, what they are really after is as much political power as they can possibly accumulate to be used in as many situations as possible.

    To date, homosexuals have come up with the most curious program in so much as they did not have a poverty card to play and had to carry on their struggle while they were spreading the worst epidemic since polio across the USA. In spite of these handicaps, they have made much use of both their financial resources and their infiltration skills.

    I once had a professor who used to say that, in America, equality is a societal value but everybody wants to be just a little bit more than equal. In terms of our various “victim” groups, they all want to control their agendas and how they are presented. This pretty much implies an interest in silencing or limiting the input of those who do not subscribe to their orthodoxy. Obviously, those of the political left have had great success in getting their political, media, educational ducks in a row. To use a military term, they have prepared the battlefield.

    I have no reason to foresee a change in their fortunes. In support of this I offer two local (San Francisco) anecdotes. First, is the relationship between Mayor Newsom and Mark Leno. When Newsom first ran he was opposed by a hoosexual candidate. Midway in the campaign, Mr. Leno, also a homosexual, gave his allegiance to Mr. Newsom, something of a surprise. Shortly after his election, May Newsom decided he should marry himself a bunch of homosexuals. Be this as it may, what most disturbed me was that there was no media interest in exploring this relationship or its outcome.

    Shortly thereafter, Mr. Leno, then a state Assemblyman and planning to run for the state senate, introduced legislation to increase the amount of child pornography one could possess without facing felony criminal charges. There was some very short-lived media attention to this but Mr. Leno was still elected State Senator. Forgive me if I detect a certain degree of impudence in this.

    Lastly, I offer this. When I was growing up in the Bronx in the ’50s and the ’60s, homosexuals were not accepted as public school teachers. My understanding was that people did not want them “recruiting” or “propagandizing” the schoolchildren.
    Those days are obviously long past but the fears have become realized.

    P.S. (couldn’t resist): If you feel you’re siding with the Muslims, I would get myself a copy of the Koran and give it a once over. The Muslims are lining up to be the “new” homosexuals, except with swords.