Obama’s Great Leap Forward *UPDATED*

If you were wondering what Obama and the maniacal Democrats were doing, James Lewis finally puts a name to it.  It’s the Great Leap Forward:

Even the Europeans are resisting hyper-deficits, because Europe always has that memory of the 1920s and 30s: hyperinflation, unemployment, crushing poverty and despair, followed by Hitler and Stalin. They are refusing to follow Obama down that road. If the dollar crashes, they don’t want the euro to go down with it.

Super-deficits are bad for the country and for the world, but the Obamanites are sleep-walking, hypnotized by an idée fixe, and it’s unvarnished socialism. They expect the US to get to socialism in one great leap, guided by the Great One. If it takes even more of a crisis, with real suffering spreading nationwide, so be it. They are ready to see other people go down.

It took Western Europe five decades to get that far down the road to decadence, and they had the US military to protect them while they were doing it. As a result, even today they may not be able to produce a heavy lift military transport aircraft; that’s how much they have diverted their resources from self-defense to vote buying.

But Obama wants to do it, oh, about ten times as fast as Europe did, and steal the money from the Veterans Administration to boot. What Obama contemplates doing to the VA tells us everything we need to know about his plans for socialized medicine. He will take the money wherever he can steal it, whether the US government has made solemn commitments to care for wounded vets or not.

UPDATE: Showing the ability to hold two thoughts at the same time, Obama is not only a Maoist visionary, he’s an ordinary corrupt capitalist too.  (H/T:  Dr. Melissa Clouthier.)

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  • highlander

    Fortunately our own Patty Murray up here in Washington, bless her heart, liberal Democrat though she may be, has made clear to the Obama administration that any proposal to have wounded Vets pay for their own medical care will be DOA when it arrives in Congress.

    But what kind of person would even think about proposing such a thing? It speaks volumes about the mentality of those in the White House.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    It has been a historical fact that when Democrats and socialists need to pay off their buddies and family members, they look towards the military for their cash crop.

    By stripping the military, and thus stripping the defenses of those who built the nation in the first place, the decadent politicians do their part to bring us down as Rome was brought down.

  • suek

    Apparently they’ve now backed off that proposal.

    Also the DOD effort to prevent all military brass casings (from bullets) from being shredded and sold as scrap instead of selling it to private bullet manufacturers who re-use them for new bullets.

    I’d like to know where _that_ one started. Actually, both of them. Who’s the originator of the trial balloons??? because that’s what they are…

    I feel like I’m going to get whip-lash with all this stuff that keeps coming out…!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    I feel like I’m going to get whip-lash with all this stuff that keeps coming out…!

    Offensive tempo. Keep the enemy on his heels forever reacting to your attacks.

    And while obama may have publicly backed off on the VA benefits redistribution to Obama’s buddies, that jjust means he will gut the military in more subtle and non-public arenas.

  • suek

    You know what I think it means? It means that they have had their “agents” dispersed throughout the bureaucracy over the years, just observing, taking notes and with their goals in mind, have been developing plans of what they want from each bureau when they got into power. Very much an inimical undertaking – and results in attacks from all sides, so to speak.

    And yes – about the military – I agree.

  • colorless.blue.ideas

    One thing to remember. For those like Mao and, presumably, Obama, socialist rhetoric is seen as a means–a tool–towards the goal of attaining power.

    Various post-modernist philosophers state that rhetoric has no meaning per se except as a tool for power. They thereby provide a moral backing (such as it is) to those sorts of actions.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar


    Cramer is back again.

    You may have recalled this guy as the person I quoted who said he thought Obama was destroying wealth, yet at the same time Cramer still believed in the Obamamite and his policies.

    Well, it looks like the dupe is getting some SS boots on his back and is waking up and saying “something isn’t right here”.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar


    This is an interesting grand strategic narrative of the international economic conditioning vis a vis Geithner’s contributions. You should read it for the military status update, if nothing else.