Just because I’m not writing good stuff today, doesn’t mean you don’t get to read good stuff today

It’s another day of mental malaise.  I’ve been running from pillar to post, but that’s not an excuse for my not writing.  I could have squeezed out some time in lieu of making dinner and tidying the house.  The fact is, I’m still at a loss for coherent thoughts.  When you’re watching the world disintegrate, which fragment of your soon-to-be-former existence becomes worthy of comment?

The Obama crew knows this, which is why, as they dismantle the economy, they’re also passing legislation to create a Brownshirts, um, civilian service organization.  They know that we can’t hold too many thoughts in our heads.  (Incidentally, that’s why all those breathing exercises for women in labor work.  It’s not just oxygenating yourself.  Focusing on your partner’s breathing coaching helps distract you from the pain — since your brain can only hold so much information, including the notion of pain.)

Still, even as I struggle through the treacle of my own brain, others are doing great stuff, most notably at the Watcher’s Council where there is the weekly aggregation of posts by council members and non-council members.  Here’s what I got to read today.  It didn’t clear the treacle, but it made me feel smarter:

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submission

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    The Dems and their little “moderate” dupes were quite offended when we called them unpatriotic, treasonous, and tools during the Iraq War.

    But of course, we were always right, and no more than in this year, when all of it has been proven true.

  • suek

    If you read American Thinker regularly, you will have run across this already. If not … well … it’s either educational or just a fun read that’ll also point out how ignorant you are in a nice way. If you didn’t feel that way already…