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    More on the lighter side! Steven Crowder is a goofily appealing young stand-up comic who has been on a creative roll lately, creating a new video blog entry each week. One of better young conservative comics.

    His creation this week, ‘The Obama Song’ has gotten some applause on a few blogs. Enjoy! About a minute in it gets really worthwhile…


    If you liked it, go the sidebar on the middle right for that YouTube link, and check out two others:
    “Torture and Gitmo!” and
    “GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! (featuring Michael Moore)”
    (this last especially for the Michael-Moore-Satan takeoff based on Passion of the Christ.)

  • suek
  • suek

    American Thinker again: I copied and pasted this – first the original article which goes down to “If that’s ok with you”…then added the commenters suggestions. In fact…I ought to go back and see if they’ve come up with any more good ones. Some of these are pretty darn funny!

    Baracktionary: New shiny happy names for bad stuff
    Doug Powers

    As Rick Moran reported earlier here on the AT blog, a Pentagon directive asks employees to substitute the term “War on Terror” with “Overseas Contingency Operation.”
    Rick also mentioned that a few days ago, Janet Napolitano, President Obama’s new Homeland Security Secretary, told the German newspaper Spiegel that in order to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur, she will now refer to “terrorism” as “man-caused disasters.”

    This got me to thinking what I always think when any PC ball gets rolling: “What’s Next?”

    Here’s where all this could be headed-get ready to use these “new” terms:

    Old, outdated name = New, progressive name

    War = Appeasement opportunity
    Al Qaeda = GWAFAIBSVPOALOT (“Guys with a few anger issues but some valid points on a lot of things”)

    Loot = Corporate executive bonuses
    Iran going nuclear = Enrico Fermi’s Fairness Doctrine
    Tax increases = Elevated levels of involuntary patriotism
    Illegal aliens = voters
    Seizing companies = Community progress
    Gaza violence = Jimmy Carter Stimulus Package
    Russia basing bombers in Cuba = Bay of Hope
    Partial birth abortion = Stem cell research volunteer
    Hijacking = Mid-air pilot shift-change initiated by unaddressed sociopolitical grievance
    Suicide bombing = Goin’ all AIG on everybody

    I still can’t believe that the Obama Administration hasn’t yet changed the name of “Homeland Security” to “The Department of Global Unprovocative
    Non-Threatening Response — if That’s Okay With You”

    WWII = German leadership experiment
    Communism = Population Thinning Program
    Car crash = real-world safety reliability testing
    Tornado = trailer park remodeling weather event
    Drug smuggling = free trade (see border incursions)
    Tax evasion = a defect in turbotax (for them, but not for us)
    Nationalizing banks = government investment in communities
    Human smuggling = helping the less fortunate have a better life
    Confiscatory = Investment
    Welfare = Government Volunteering
    Democratic Corruption = Stumbling Blocks

  • Mike Devx

    Steven Crowder’s ‘Quran Challenge’ is, ahem, no longer available due to objectionable content, on YouTube.

    But it is available on LiveLeak! Thank god for LiveLeak! Actually, thank LiveLeak, for having the spine to believe in American freedom of speech, unlike those weenies at Google. Who own YouTube. And who won’t let you download their videos. Thus exercising total control. And removing videos such as this while allowing all kinds of threats of nuclear death to Americans by jihadists to be broadcast.

    So, thank Liveleak for Liveleak! And screw Google!

    “The Quran Challenge” by LiveLeak (Not Google):



    I thought maybe you could work your magic in NYC. This is not to belittle or really find humor in this article – in fact, I found it quite upsetting that they cannot remain cohesive. I kept thinking with the political winds whipping up and brow beating realities with their new and improved (gag) lexicon, what would the current administration name the site.


  • suek

    Heh. How about “The Sept 10 Tower”.

    How about “The Chicken Tower”…

    How about “The Never Remember Tower”…

    I suspect there are more possibilities…!

    And you’re right – as usual, I agree with you.

    This is right up there with the memorial in Pennsylvania – they can’t make up their minds whether the design will commemorate the passengers who succeeded in bringing down the flight or to the terrorists who hijacked it.

  • Mike Devx

    sadie and suek (#5,#6)

    Well, this is not so light anymore! (book’s original topic). But that link is work excerpting:

    But others privately repeated fears that have plagued the building as negotiations with major corporations to take up space in the tower came and went: that the 102-story Freedom Tower’s name could make it more susceptible to future attacks than a symbol of defiance against it.

    “The fact is, more than 3 billion dollars of public money is invested in that building and, as a public agency, we have the responsibility to make sure it is completed and that we utilize the best strategy to make certain it is fully occupied,” the agency said in a statement Friday.

    Coscia had expressed concerns about the Freedom Tower three years earlier, saying he would never ask Port Authority employees to move into the tallest, most symbolic skyscraper being built at the site […]

    I can understand their concerns, but it is clear what this really means:

    – New York City will not name any building “The Freedom Tower”, “The Freedom Building”, nor “The Freedom Anything”, because of fear of Muslim jihadists.

    – New York City will never build another building as tall as the World Trade Center again, because of fear of Muslim jihadists.

    In a sense, then: “Freedom” is a word not to be used in New York City – or when used, done very carefully, and somewhat fearfully. And the city will no longer reach for the skies; they have restricted themselves only to the smaller and lesser.

    A little bit of dhimmitude and subservience can go a long way.

    >> How about “The Sept 10 Tower”.
    >> How about “The Chicken Tower”…
    >> How about “The Never Remember Tower”…

    Well done, suek!

  • Mike Devx

    Actually we need a new slogan for New York City.
    “New York City : The Big Apple” will need to be replaced. How about:

    “New York City : Scared And Shivering”
    “New York City : We’re Sorry, Please, Just Leave Us Alone. Please?”
    “New York City : The City That Never Sleeps – Because We Are Afraid”


    Mike, we both knew we could count on suek.

    Your commentary is all too true and what the jihadists set out to do, we/them have managed to help them in their goals.

    I wouldn’t put it past any of them to rename the entire area Haditha Heights.

    Apologies for turning light into dark, must be the weather here in Pa. gray & gloomy.


    you got me thinking….

    New York – The Big Apple that doesn’t fall far from Washington’s Tree.

  • Mike Devx

    >> New York – The Big Apple that doesn’t fall far from Washington’s Tree.

    New York – The Little Raisin
    New York – Courage, Who Needs It?

    New York – Psychologically Self-Diminished For The First Time In History. And Damn Proud Of It! Sort of. Maybe. If This Slogan Is Offensive, We Apologize.

    New York – “If I Can.. Make It Anywhere… I Can… Make It Here! New York, New Yoooooork!”

    New York – Too Afraid To Boast


    New York – Psychologically Self-Diminished For The First Time In History. And Damn Proud Of It! Sort of. Maybe. If This Slogan Is Offensive, We Apologize.

    Excellent! Particularly, We Apologize. Rather hits the nail on the head, which is where I was going when all of this started along with The Never Remember Tower (post #6).

    The Big Apple – reduced to Applesauce, so you won’t be able to take a bit out of us again.

    Simply pitiful and pathetic to ponder.