This is evil *UPDATED*

The other day, I wrote a post in which I concluded that Barack Obama was not evil — he was a politico whose plans could be bad for America, but who hadn’t stepped beyond the pale of ordinary human behavior.  Rick, at Brutally Honest, found an example of something that is chillingly evil.  It’s a Kuwaiti man (cleric? civilian? who knows) joyfully describing the death of more than 300,000 Americans in an “easy” anthrax attack, as his audience gleefully laughs along with him.  People like this are truly sub-human.  They’re Orcs.

UPDATE:  And, to give you nightmares, a reminder of how little our current administration is doing about the Orcs.

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  • Mike Devx

    If that video doesn’t convince you that we’re at war, and the enemy – which does deserve to be shot – doesn’t need to be wearing the uniform of a nation to BE shot… I don’t know what else would be needed to convince you.

    Any president who thinks the speaker, or the people in the audience, could be treated like your common neighborhood criminal, is just plain nuts.

  • USMaleSF

    One of the bugaboos of the liberal world in which I have most often moved is that by naming any person or group as “our enemy”, I give myself permission to dehumanize them, after which point I am free to engage in all manner of horrors, up to and including genocide, etc.

    I am sure you’re familiar.

    Book described the sons of Allah in the piece as “sub-human.”

    I disagree.

    Human is precisely what they are.

    And that is what I tell my liberal interlocutors when they turn on the meme in paragraph one. On the contrary, say I, I grant them full and complete humanity. And that is why I am prepared to call them my enemy and to treat them as such.

    Subhuman species would never be that much of a threat, even in massive numbers. It’s only humans who are to be the animals ultimately feared in this world.

    Postscript for the theologically inclined: You might take the other direction and grant them post-human status as demons. That way they are above us in the ontological chain in terms of power, though fixed of will on evil and thus can only be defeated, never converted. The remedy for that is clear.

  • Bookworm

    That’s an excellent point USMale. When my daughter, then 3, said “tigers are bad,” I explained that they weren’t. They were just being tigers. We hold humans to higher standards, and I allow bad people to slip below those standards if I dehumanize them.

  • suek

    >>We hold humans to higher standards>>

    Not “higher” standards – “different” standards.

    Considering humans to be “sub-human” implies that they are mere animals. Mere animals have no ability to make moral decisions, therefore they cannot be immoral. Only Man can be immoral – so only man can be evil.

    I’d agree with your daughter – tigers are bad. That’s true – if you happen to be on their menu – tigers are bad for _you_. But tigers are not evil – only man can be evil.

    And thus you can introduce the idea that there is a difference between “bad” and “evil”…!!!

  • Mike Devx

    Can you imagine if a leader of Jews – probably a rabbi – spoke to a hall filled with his fellows, and spoke in calm tones of murdering hundreds of thousands, grinning as he did so, and the audience giggled and laughed and clapped at a particular good bon mot about the deaths?

    The video would be a worldwide sensation, and would be used to paint all Jews, everywhere, as gruesome monsters, obsessed and gleefully seeking the deaths of all Palestinians and Arabs.

    Yet we see these fanatic jihadist Muslim videos – not at all are these guys action-oriented terrorists, they are just your garden variety jihadist supporters – and every liberal in the West ho-hums, “whatevers”.

    On the positive front, they are so sure of their victory that they are profoundly arrogant and over-confident. That will contribute greatly to their undoing, eventually. As terrible as events have been so far – and as weak as we currently are under our current appeasing president – we are still in the early stages of this long war.

  • pst314

    “…a reminder of how little our current administration is doing about the Orcs.”

    Because Obama has spent over 20 years hanging out with the Grima Wormtongues of America.