• Gringo

    Yup, we got what we paid for- or at least we all got what 53% paid for. It is not the first time I have observed, nor will it be the last time, that of US Presidents, Obama shares only with Warren Harding the following experience metric: US Senate, no Cabinet experience, no Vice President experience, no military experience, no experience as Governor. Why should we be surprised?

    Excuse me: community organizer experience- but without responsibilities.

  • Deana

    Gringo –

    I recall asking an Obama supporter shortly after the election the following question: What exactly did Obama achieve prior to the election? What had he accomplished?

    The response, delivered in a stuttering manner that indicated the person simply could not believe I was asking the question, was:

    “Well, he was a community organizer!!”

    I couldn’t believe it. This was from an educated, cultured woman.

    So I pressed her and said, “But what did he accomplish in that role? What did he make better?”

    Dead silence. I watched her as she thought and tried to come up with a response and it was clear she had not thought of that question before.

    It scared me.

  • expat


    The last I heard about his community organizing accomplishments are the following: He moved in on an existing campaign to remove asbestos from a housing project. He left for Harvard. There is still asbestos in parts of the project. Oh , he did a bit of ACORN training on the side.
    Aren’t you impressed?

  • Deana

    Oh, I’m impressed all right!

    This just makes Obama perfect for Washington. I lived and worked there for a short time – about 4 years in government – and noticed that many government people have an amazing ability to work on a project for as long as it takes until it is clear it a complete cluster. Then they move on to something new without ever taking the time to clean up the mess they were involved in creating.

    And no one ever questions them about it, either.