Reagan — 1964

I believe this is the same speech Mark Levin broadcast yesterday.  It’s a marvelous speech, that carefully, clearly, factually and wittily spells out the economic and national security issues facing the United States, many of which parallel those we see today.  If you have a half hour, listen to it:

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    ..and if you don’t have the time to view it, scroll down to #15.

    (from American Thinker)

    April 01, 2009
    Hollywood talk: views you probably haven’t heard
    Ben-Peter Terpstra
    It’s refreshing when writers, producers, web designers, actors, documentarians and directors bypass the thought police, make politically incorrect statements, and support Americans first. From the Cold War to the War on Terror, patriotic (and even flag-curious) artists deserve our applause:

    One: “I say make every damn Communist stand up and be counted. They’re a danger and a disgrace to the industry!” – Sam Wood

    Two: “Believe it or not, I supported Richard Nixon on the issue of presidential privilege. How could anyone conceive of being the president of the United States and think that every single thing that you say or do can become a part of the public record? It just seems so stupid to me. A man needs a private life.” – Jack Nicholson

    Three: “I love discourse. I’m dying to have my mind changed. I’m probably the only liberal who read Treason, by Ann Coulter. I want to know, you understand? I like listening to everybody. This to me is the elixir of life.” – Jack Nicholson

    Four: “Marx, it seemed had the answer. In short, I was one of the breed of young men who filled the Western world at the time. But now, rereading him, I still find him the dullest sonofabitch you can ‘opiate’ yourself with.” – Errol Flynn

    Five: “Someone, I don’t know who — it might even have been me — said, ‘Any man at the age of twenty-five who is not a Communist has no heart: any man who still is at the age of thirty-five has no head.'” – Errol Flynn

    Six: “They’re Beverly Hills-Bel-Air liberals, feeling guilty about living in million-dollar homes, driving Rolls-Royces and Mercedes, and making obscene amounts of money.” – John Wayne

    Seven: “I do not know anything about a Red blacklist, but I know a great deal about the blacklist of conservatives by the Reds. I am the last person to whom you should address this question, unless you are interested in the truth.” – Ayn Rand

    Eight: “If someone wanted to do something humanitarian, do a research project on what became of the friendly [pro-conservative] witnesses. A monstrous silent blacklist was exercised by those goddamned Communists in Hollywood. Did those talented [conservative] people in demand suddenly lose their talent?” – Ayn Rand

    Nine: “The thing that I resent most is that they [the communists] are able to get into the union, take them over… I feel, that they really ought to be smoked out and shown up for what they are, so that all good, free causes in this country, all the liberalisms that really are American, can go out without the taint of communism.” – Walt Disney

    Ten: “When a feminist as strident as Garofalo [the actress] was defending the Hussein regime, you had to wonder if her newfound sobriety had hit a rough patch. Garofalo said that ‘dropping bombs on the Iraqis is not going to disarm Saddam.’ No, it will kill him. That’s good enough.” – Ann Coulter

    Eleven: “We [Hollywood liberals] were so naive it was ridiculous.” – Lauren Bacall

    Twelve: “General [Eisenhower], I’m sure if you were here at this [Republican] rally, there would be no doubt in your mind that your fellow Americans want you as their next president. If you decide to run, that’s how it will be, for you will win.” – Clark Gable

    Thirteen: “A Communist is anyone who attends any meeting at which Paul Robeson appears – and applauds.” – Adolphe Menjou

    Fourteen: “I have turned down quite a few scripts because I thought they were tinged with Communist ideas.” – Gary Cooper

    Fifteen: “Many in Washington over the years have been more dedicated to making the needy people government dependent, rather than independent. They’ve created a new kind of bondage. Just as the Emancipation of Proclamation freed black people 118 years ago, today we need to declare an economic emancipation.” – Ronald Reagan

    Sixteen: “If you catch him, just give me four seconds with Saddam Hussein.” – Bruce Willis

    Seventeen: “Peculiar thing back home is that the liberal media was trying to portray it as a bad war. But being over here just a couple of days, seeing how well our troops and the allied troops are being received here, (I) think the Iraqi people are happy we’re here. Children are being taken care of, starting being inoculated, starting being looked after… Wherever these guys go they get thumbs up. They no longer have to contend with the terrorist leader.” – Bruce Willis

    Eighteen: “Michael Moore and that faction of the party was one of the factors that did not let me support the Democratic nominee this year. He is a charlatan in a clown suit.” – Ron Silver

    Nineteen: “There are tons of movies on Nazi Germany. But why the dearth of stories on the rise and fall of the Iron Curtain? Are there no stories of tragedy and triumph in the 100 million or so dead, or those who came out alive?” – Andrew Breitbart

    Twenty: “I am a Republican because I believe that the — individualism is the most sacred thing, the most sacred treasure… in America, and I think Republicans value that more.” – Kelsey Grammer

    I am free because the United States of America is free.

  • Ymarsakar

    Reagan linked socialism with misery and misery with personal human faces. This is the key. Nobody cares about socialism when they think it is a way to take care of the poor. Or rather, nobody cares to sacrifice anything to stop it.

    You have to motivate them. Motivate them to make them change their views. So that it is inevitable, for they have a heart and a heart can feel and hurt.