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    Bush made jokes about himself. He never made jokes about other people.

    That was his flaw. All defensive, no offense.

    But humour in this case is a great propaganda weapon.

    1. it makes people pay attention

    2. it makes people think in ways contrary to mass public propaganda broadcasts by the Left. A derailment in thought is great as a counter-propaganda tactic. The less time people think about (say WMDs), the better able your message will go through.

    3. it is funny and entertaining, thus a morale boost to your own side. Whereas the enemy wants you to despair, you may laugh at him. But never do so because you think he is a joke, only do so because you will make him into a joke by crushing him.

    Reagan both deflected criticism from himself and attacked the Democrats, but not in a way that was direct. Just as Obama launched character assassinations, but indirectly. This is not cowardice, it is called tactics. And it is tactics, combined with strategy and logistics, that wins wars.

    As some here may have noticed, when the topic was corporate and bank greed, I immediately focused on Democrat greed. Because that is what is important. That’s how you defend the US system of capitalism, by looking at root causes and exposing them. Attack those root causes, eradicate them, and the tree will grow healthy with healthy roots.