The Year Zero on the Obama calendar

From Rich Lowry:

The calendar says Pres. Barack Obama took office in 2009, although that’s only a technicality. In his own mind, Obama ascended in Year Zero, a time of ritualistic cleansing in preparation for the relaunching of an America free from its past sins.

Has an American president ever appeared less vested in his nation’s history than Barack Obama? He shrugged off a rancid attack on the United States by Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega at the Summit of the Americas, including a rant on the Bay of Pigs operation in 1961, by saying he’d only been 3 months old at the time. Nothing to do with me.

It’s Obama’s own personal novus ordo seclorum. Or as an Obama official put it, “His expectation is that these debates of the past can remain that, debates of the past.”

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  • socratease

    Yup. Obama isn’t interested in representing America, just himself. Everything that came before is someone else’s fault, someone else’s problem. I guess he didn’t read the job description before he ran for President.

  • Mike Devx

    I wonder how much Obama is enjoying his new “World Community Organizer” role.
    After all, that’s what he knows, so that’s what his Presidency *is*.

    I wonder if he’s getting frustrated yet. Those Euroleaders are so intractable, and the UN just isn’t as effective as the Chicago power pushers were. And those jihadists – so terribly misunderstood by we arrogant Americans – those jihadists are turning out to be, well, kinda unfriendly neighbors in the community… aren’t they?