• Mike Devx

    I bet your son has Obama-related nausea. There’s a lot of that going around.

    If so, just slip a copy of the Constitution under his pillow. That tends to provide quick relief, at least from the symptoms. Also, strictly limit his exposure to all media to prevent a reoccurrence.

  • Zhombre

    Question: is 79 year old Arlen Specter the Norma Desmond of American politics? “I am big. It’s the Republican party that got small.” Does this hack have one particle of grace or humility in his entire carcass? Does he think Congress will cease to function if he retires? He reminds me of a deluded old astronomer, in a fable by Samuel Johnson, who became convinced that the planets would stop spinning in their orbits if he left his observatory. These Senators-for-life who become permanent grandees, IMHO, are like tumors in the body politic, and need to be excised.


    “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!” is an enduring slogan which appeared in magazine, newspaper, and television advertisements for Tareyton cigarettes from 1963 until 1981.

    Unlike the Tareyton tagline, Specter rather “switch” than “fight”.

    Like all politicians, there should be a visible Surgeon General’s Warning on them!

    Anyone care to start the list?


    Buckle your seat belts Ladies and Gentlemen…..

    $328,000 was the cost of The Great NYC Flyover Photo Op.

    PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) is not included in cost to those that watched the plane and fighter jet ignore those running and clutching their hearts.

  • Kate

    328K?? Whatever happened to a couple hours of photoshopping? Oh yeah, that went out with Stalin. Silly me, I forgot.

  • Mike Devx

    On DrudgeReport, there’s a story about Michael Douglas involved in a sequel to “Wall Street”.

    Take a look at his picture. That face has seen at least one face lift. He looks very bizarre.

  • suek

    I’m becoming a regular reader…! He writes well, and at this point, it’s almost like reading a serial episode. Will the bad guys get brought to justice? will their political buddies manage to cover it up? will the taxpayers ever learn the truth? Hmmmm. If the lawyers who advised the president about waterboarding can be investigated and perhaps prosecuted for wrong doing, will the various Fed and Treasury officials be able to be investigated prosecuted for wrong doing?? Stay tuned…!


  • MAS1916


    Thanks for the post.

    Kathleen Sebelius, has declined comment and will review any immediate health care concerns and alerts to a bi-partisan committee of comedians.