Idle question about the Dems and the CIA

The Politico headlines reveal that the Dems are picking a direct fight with the CIA.  Pelosi says they lied to her, while the Dem leadership is accusing the CIA of breaking laws.

My idle question is this:  Is it wise to pick a fight with those who ferret out and keep the secrets?  Bush never attacked the CIA and they set out to destroy him anyway, in part because they felt he made them look bad by revealing their failed intelligence in Iraq.  While the CIA (to put it politely) may have a Democratic tilt, it’s primarily a “look out for yourself organization.”  There’s no way in H-E-double toothpicks that CIA operatives are going to sit by while the Democrats, from the president on down, impugn their collective integrity and threaten them with criminal action.

My answer to my own question is that this was an incredibly stupid move on the Dems’ part.  If they were wise, they’d drop it and work hard to make amends.  Since wisdom seems beyond them, they’re just digging deeper and deeper.

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  • Deana

    Oooooooohhhh . . . excellent, excellent question!!! I love it!

  • Charles Martel

    Is it wise to pick a fight with those who ferret out and keep the secrets?”

    What secrets? The Pakistani, Indian and Chinese nuclear programs?

    The true GNP of the old Soviet Union (overestimated by a factor of 10)?

    The years-long plotting that led to 9-11?

    About the only secrets that I could see the CIA exposing—and, frankly, I think they’re too inept to possess them—are embarassing revelations about Obama’s past.

    Yeah, like a bunch of elitist Ivy League Democrats are going to have anything more than a quiet hissy fit and let it go at that. Who’s going to publish their revelations? The New York Times? The NYT only publishes info that can hurt Bush or the U.S.

  • Wolf Howling

    This was the already insane Nancy P at the height of her insanity. I really do believe she is clinically a basket case and so ultra partisan that she is able to convince herself of the truth of her own lies. In other words, her reality is whatever she wants it to be. There is no other way to explain her just outrageous arguments over the past few years.

    At any rate, I think her insanity just landed her in a place neither she, nor Obama, nor a one of her colleages (sp?) want her to be. She has declared war on the CIA – an organization that has as its subspecialty the destruction of its opponents. Hmmmm, given that Obama has already slammed the organization indirectly with his many moralizing speeches and then the release of the OLC memos, one would have to believe that a lot of knives have just been unsheathed amidst a cloud of obscene language at Langley. I would say she has maybe another month at speaker. I would give her no odds beyond that.

  • Charles Martel

    Wolf, I pray earnestly that your predictions come true. Somebody or something has to come in and fill the vacuum created by Obama and Pelosi’s big sucking sound.

  • Al

    Well, it would be nice if the Bush haters and “progressives” in the CIA would turn on the progressive leaders they helped elect. But I won’t hold my breath. Anything which exposes the corrupt incompetence of the Libs would make a Conservative come back more possible. And the progressives know this.
    The cleansing will have to come from another point on the compass.

  • Zhombre

    Speaker Pelosi now claims that during her recent press conference, the CIA “beamed microwaves” into the room at her “to cause mental distress and confusion;” and also that several times during the preceding years, CIA operatives put “mind-altering drugs” in the Evian water served in her office as part of a plot “to implant false memories” in her and key members of her staff.

  • Gringo

    Zhombre: not to mention the CIA injecting LSD into the wine from the Pelosi vineyard in St. Helena.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Nancy Pelosi is insane? Dang! Who knew? I will concede that she legitimately needs to worry about those black helicopters, though.

  • Ymarsakar

    My answer to my own question is that this was an incredibly stupid move on the Dems’ part.

    It depends on who is more ruthless. Bush wasn’t. But Obama? He would execute a million children, not even including those executions he funds in Africa and Mexico?

    You think he won’t have what it takes to eliminate the CIA? The CIA are full of electronic pansies, btw. They who fight from the shadow against the President. Full of Deep Throat wannabes, traitors, and cowards. Unable to protect the nation they swore to protect, they seek to acquire calculated advantage in their careers on the justification that bureaucrats have the true expertise to run things, not the elected representatives of America. Thus they used the media to take down Nixon. Thus they used anything and anyone to prop up government jobs, their jobs. The fact that Jimmy Carter and Clinton gutted the CIA impacts them little, for like all government bureaucracies so long as their bread is buttered, and the Democrats are the best party to go for if you want guaranteed benefits at tax payer expense, it doesn’t matter to them how much America is endangered.

    This is the reality of the CIA, as they made themselves to be. The good left, the corrupt stayed. Exactly the same in the Democrat party. The good were exiled and destroyed, because they threatened the power of the fakes, the traitors, and the incompetents in the CIA. Same is true for Democrats, as we have already seen with the ejection of Lieberman, Reagan, Zell, Neo, Book, etc.

    They will run you out of town on the rail road, tarred and feathered. Because their game is the only game that they will allow to be played. And it doesn’t really matter to them who the Islamics are killing and raping. It ain’t going to be them, so it is going to be okay. What’s really important is themselves and their political allies.

  • Ymarsakar

    I will make one differentiation between the CIA and the FBI. The FBI under Hoover kept tabs on domestic citizens. The CIA’s job was foreign intelligence and botched foreign intelligence at that.

    So what this tends to mean is that the FBI’s corruption differs only from the CIA corruption in that the FBI didn’t go the way Hoover wanted it to after he died because of Nixon. And because the FBI served a far more concrete goal, something that you could prove worked or not. The CIA could not prove their methods, for in exposing them, it would destroy them, assuming they had any human intel.

    The CIA leaks, not generally Presidential domestic affairs or what not, because they are not entrusted with such. Unlike Deepthroat’s FBI angst at not getting his wanted promotion from Nixon, the CIa can only leak foreign intel data, not domestic spying.

    But in the end, it mattered not whether Deepthroat was CIA or FBI. Because that’s the ideal the CIA wishes to have. And they have benefited from this only because the Presidents they fated were not ruthless enough to destroy the country and fauk up national security solely to get the CIA> Nixon wasn’t. Bush wasn’t. Obama? Heh.

  • suek

    >>You think he won’t have what it takes to eliminate the CIA?>>

    Not at all sure that he does. How do you think he’d manage that?

  • Charles Martel

    Even though I’m just a racist, homophobic, etc., etc., rightwinger incapable of complexity or nuance, I am of two minds about watching the Wicked Witch of the West take a water bath:

    1. I rejoice that the Skank Empress has finally run into a disruption in the space-time continuum that even botox can’t repair;

    2. Yet I know that Pelosi is a counterbalance to our Marxist nancy boy president’s grab for total power.

    So, right now I feel right now like the Faye Dunaway character in “Chinatown” whom Jack Nicholson keeps bitch slapping around because she’s of two minds about her relationship to her daughter/sister.

    Martel: “She’s a skank, ptui!”


    Martel: “She’s my savior, viva!”


    Martel: “She’s a skank, ptui!”


    Martel: “She’s my savior, viva!”


  • Gringo

    Charles Martel:
    Yet I know that Pelosi is a counterbalance to our Marxist nancy boy president’s grab for total power

    Perhaps. Or maybe Obama can play her like a violin. Example: the “stimulus” budget.
    My guess is that Pelosi had a big hand in the crafting of that 800+ page bill. Signed, sealed, delivered to Obama in record time. While I once thought that Pelosi and Congress had played Obama for a fool in delivering such an unwieldy monster, I am now of the opinion that is precisely what he wanted. Anything to increase spending, debt, and government power. In that sense, Pelosi and Congress delivered as requested.

  • Charles Martel

    Gringo, good call.

    Obama knows that Pelosi’s stupidity will be her undoing sooner or later. In the meantime, why not ride the skank horse until it drops?

  • Charles Martel

    Receptionist: “Ms. Pelosi, Mr. G. is here.”

    Pelosi: “Send him in.”

    Mr. G, a squat, Italian-looking man with gray hair and a large white moustache, enters Rep. Pelosi’s office.

    Pelosi: “Did you find an answer?”

    Mr. G.: “Well, yes and no, Your Honoraciousness.”

    Pelosi: “Please, I’m in no mood for ambiguity. Time is too short. Did you or didn’t you find a way to keep people from knowing I’m telling a lie?”

    Mr. G.: “=Sigh= How to explain, Your Honoricity? These things are so complicated. You are aware of the Law of Karma?”

    Pelosi (her saucer-shaped eyes flashing): “Damn, I’m going to get a lesson in theology from a broken-down marionette maker? Believe me, getting the pointy-fingered lecture from His Nazi-ness in the Vatican was bad enough. Just make your frickin’ point.”

    Mr. G.: “What I’m getting at, Your Honorette, is that there is simply no way in the universe that we can totally eliminate some bodily indication that you are telling a lie. I certainly tried with Pinocchio, but in the end the Law of Karma manifested itself with his ever-elongating nose.”

    Pelosi: “There is no way, then?”

    Mr. G.: “Well, I have learned a lot in the intervening years. After reading your Saul Alinsky, I believe we might be able to use misdirection to keep people from knowing that you are telling a lie.”

    Pelosi: “How?”

    Mr. G.: “Well, everybody knows that you have a naturally large set of eyes, what we Italians call ‘Il cervo in gli abbagliante’—how you say, ‘like a Bambi in the automobile candles?’ Anyway, people expect you to have oversize eyes, so they won’t look there for signs you’re lying.”

    Pelosi: “How can you be sure?”

    Mr. G.: “Well, although your lying eyes might get a bit bigger, they certainly aren’t going to spill out of your sockets. So, I’ve redirected your karmic energy to them. Who will possibly be the wiser?”

    Pelosi (glancing at watch): “You’d better be right, Mr. Gepetto. My courier will deliver your fee later today. Now, thank you and goodbye.”

    FLASH BULLETIN FROM NBC NEWS, 2:11 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, May 19:

    At least three journalists are reported dead after a mysterious substance, which one witness described as “the eyeball from Hell” erupted 10 minutes ago at a news conference by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Details to come.


    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has declared a “city-wide alert” in Washington, DC, after ordering federal marshals to set up a defensive perimeter along Pennsylvania Avenue to contain what one scientist from the Smithsonian Institute described as “the vitreous humor from Hell.”


    President Obama has ordered 40,000 Army troops to Washington, DC, to cordon off the White House to protect it against what some scientists are calling “a giant mutated eyeball” that apparently is expanding so rapidly it is doubling its size every 30 minutes.

    Ground Zero for the gigantic orb, described as having “a deer in the headlights look” by eyewitnesses, apparently was a press conference held by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in which she denied again having any knowledge of CIA briefings in 2002 on the topic of waterboarding.


    A fleet of GMC buses driven by United Auto Workers rode to the rescue of beleaguered President Barack Obama this afternoon when they drove over a giant mutant eyeball that was surrounding the White House. The organ has been identified as originating with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    The drivers rolled over the eyeball’s tissue as Secret Service agents, wielding giant axes, chopped at the mutant orb and tossed pieces of it under their buses.

  • Mike Devx

    I go off-web for a few days, and there are *so many* great Book posts and awesome comments to catch up on. Will I ever catch up???

    “The vitreous humor from Hell!” This, and the Pelosi haikus, were scintillating!