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Argghhh! is running a caption contest for a photo showing Joe Biden speaking to a group enrolled in the Navy SEALS program.  When you see the picture, you’ll understand why so many of the proposed captions involve the size of a gun or some other, more personal weapon.  I’m no good at manufacturing quips, so I didn’t even make a stab at this one.

Captions aside, what I did find amusing about the picture is the fact that, with one exception, every one of the men listening to Biden bloviate (I’m assuming Biden was bloviating, ’cause that’s his standard MO), looks either blank, bored or befuddled — all of which are appropriate responses to bloviating.  The only guy without that look is in the middle of the second row and, to be honest, he looks as if he’s trying to choke back a giggle — which is, of course, the other appropriate response to a Biden-esque speaker.

I’m still waiting for the MSM to hop on board the “sneer at the VP ’cause he’s an idiot” bandwagon, a wagon they rode with vigor during the Quayle years.  I just can’t seem to figure out why the MSM is being so coy and retiring this time around.  (That last statement, obviously, is sarcastic.  If I were in an old movie, I’d be the dumb blond who is unable to understand eventhe simplest concept.)

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  1. Charles Martel says

    The reason why the Whore Media are playing coy about Biden’s idiocy is that once they start snarking at him it will invite comparisons to Sarah Palin—comparisons that would not do Biden well.

  2. Gringo says

    I’m getting tired of all these references to the Vice President being several cans short of a six-pack. After all, he is VERY articulate. He can open his mouth and it all comes pouring out.


  3. SGT Dave says

    Far be it from me to disparage the sitting VP. (caveat necessary)
    “Guys, I thought you said there would be bud and seals – I started with my own stash and was looking forward to seeing those silly critters sit back and clap their flippers, y’know, like this – oort, oort, …”

    SSG Dave
    “Knowledge is not wisdom; a book cannot show mercy.”

  4. Oldflyer says

    Please forgive my obvious bigotry; but what struck me about the photo–other than Biden’s ridiculous ball cap–was that nearly every face in that group was white. I saw one black and maybe two brown ones.

    Clearly, the VP should call for more opportunity for minorities among those who volunteer to go through a torturous training program so as to qualify to go in small groups into some of the worst hell-holes in the world to face brutal enemies which outnumber them by an order of magnitude. I wonder if the “O” knows about this?

  5. says

    It’s not bigotry at all, Oldflyer. I noticed exactly the same thing and wondered at the absence of minorities in those gathered around the VP.

    I’ve been under the impression that the SEALS’ test is fairly neutral (either you can do a gazillion push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, or not) and that the program is neutral too (either you survive or you don’t). Those who apply either have the physical and mental stamina, or they don’t. If they do, they’re trained; if they don’t, they’re politely shown the door.

    I don’t doubt at all that minorities can have either quality, so I their absence from the photo is surprising.

  6. says

    minorities are minorities for a reason. You should not see them out of proportion of their population. Since whites are 80%, blacks less than 20%, it is only jarring if you live in the make believe world of color diversity, which Obama inhabits and would like the rest of us to inhabit as well.

  7. says

    That, Y, is an excellent point and a good reminder about the mathematical realities of the world in which we live. It reminds me of the picture on the sign-in page of Westlaw, the legal research program I use, showing a man emerging from a building that is clearly a very important court. Microphones are shoved in his face. With the exception of one supercilious looking man shoved in the background, everyone in the picture is dark skinned, ranging from lighter versions of dark, to very dark. Most of Westlaw’s pictures show darker-skinned people. It’s easier that way, of course. Minorities will complain about the absence from representation, but majorities don’t.

  8. SGT Dave says

    I had the great pleasure to work for a short time with SBU 26; it was only a couple of days of training, but they impressed the heck out of me. When my co-worker (a black Army NCO) asked a similar question (is nobody here from Miami?) the reply was quite surprising. The CO stated that the SBU didn’t see a lot of minorities because of the swimming, and scuba requirements for entry. Fear of the water is quite common among soldiers I’ve had work for me that came from urban areas, especially minority soldiers. SBU required (at the time) the ability to swim over a mile before they even considered you for a BUDs slot. I have, however, met a large number of the Army and USMC special forces community who are minority background. They’re all good soldiers first; we’re all green on the inside.
    Just my 2 cents,

    SSG Dave
    “This We’ll Defend”

  9. Charles Martel says

    I recognized three of the SEALS in the photo from my “Whiteness Is a Social Construct” class at College of Marin.

    Like Helen Losse, these fine lads, once they realized that their white-skin privilege was simply a facade The Man had constructed to keep African Americans down, underwent a transformation, getting in touch with their inner African American and “unwhiting” themselves.

    So be careful how you interpret photos. You never know when you’re looking at a DSAA (differently skinned African American).

  10. SADIE says

    Like Book, I am not very good with a caption.

    I went back at looked at this photo several times and couldn’t help but think that the man looked like a fish out of water against the backdrop of SEALS. He looked like a weekend ‘skipper’ who had just stepped off his Chris-Craft boat and just happened to dock and talk ‘shop’ about the size of the shrimp he served to his guests on board.

  11. Gringo says

    Sadie, when I saw the photo it reminded me of the Brit comedy TV show “Keeping up Appearances” seen on PBS. There is a show in which Hyacinth and Richard are given access to a docked boat for a weekend. Hyacinth forces Richard to buy himself a blue blazer to have a proper naval appearance. Which of course made no difference, Richard and Hyacinth were still fishes out of water in the blue blazers. Ditto our Vice President. As I would be in a blue blazer on a Navy vessel.

  12. Oldflyer says

    Good point Sgt Dave. My post was intentionally snarky, but I had not thought about the pre-swim requirement.

    Having been a bit of a water-rat as a kid, I was surprised in pre-flight training to see just how big an obstacle the fairly rigorous swimming requirements were for a fair number of guys.

  13. says

    Buds also requires you to deep dive and perform specific requirements underwater, including a full dive and resurface. Tim Larkin, TFT founder and instructor, had a congenitally damaged eardrum and he passed all specs for BUDs, except the deep pressure one.

    Ain’t nobody that have not mastered swimming going to be going deep in the water like that. It’s a unique form of claustrophobia, not to mention the physical effects. For anyone that does swimming, it’s not very hard.

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