More common sense out of Marin

I blogged the other day about the fact that three Marin County towns had opted out of an expensive green energy plan — and that the local liberal newspaper applauded them.  News comes today that yet another town has now decided that the pocketbook trumps Algore induced environmental panic:

[Larkspur] City Manager Jean Bonander said the council’s position was firm.

“They made it really clear that a small city like Larkspur whose focus has always been on really basic core services and doesn’t know anything about running an electrical utility, it probably didn’t make a lot of sense for us to take that kind of risk,” she said.

“We did not go forward with the clean energy initiative at this time because it did not make sense financially,” said Councilwoman Joan Lundstrom, who is vice mayor and led the discussion in Hillmer’s absence.

“The bond market and the credit market have completely imploded,” she said. “It wasn’t a decision
between clean energy and PG&E – it was a decision why should the county suddenly start an energy bureaucracy that would cost $8 million a year and have 20 employees at this time.

“This was not the time for the county to go into the energy market,” Lundstrom said.

Who knew there’d be an upside to the recession?

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  • David Foster


    In many areas, you can pay extra and get “green energy” anytime you want…the utility buys the power from Ye Olde Windmill Farme, and delivers an equivalent amount to your house. No government bureaucracy is involved. Why would these counties need 20-person energy bureaucracies to do the same thing?

  • suek

    I think the issue to note here is that people are all in favor of “something” if “the government” pays for it, but if it’s going to hit their pocketbook directly, they reconsider. Of course, the cost will come to them eventually, but somehow, this doesn’t seem to make any impression on them, and in fact, I suppose if you were to build massive plants funded by the government, and pay for them over 20-30 years, plus tax everybody – even those who don’t use them – and take that money out as taxes in withholding each paycheck, it wouldn’t seem to be as much or as painful…but it would still be the same overall.

    It does say something about the withholding tax, and something else about budgeting. If we had to pay taxes all at once, there’d be a much greater outcry about how high they are. If we – individually and personally – budgeted for various big ticket items by setting aside small amounts of money each paycheck, the cost wouldn’t be so painful. So…the government is smart, and many among the populace are foolish. And the populace proves their foolishness by not recognizing the amount they pay in taxes each year.

  • Bookworm

    You remind me, suek, of my thinking when I was a little girl. I asked my parents for something and was told I couldn’t haven’t it, because there was no money to pay for it. “Well, just write a check,” I said. Liberals have never grown up. They have exactly the same disconnect as a 5 year old.

  • suek

    Heh. Laugh for the day. Comments are funny too…

    >>“Well, just write a check,”>>

    My lame attempt at humor when asking a customer how they are paying for product is “magic card??” – a take off on Master Card, of course. One parent with an accompanying child hissed at me “Don’t say that…she already thinks money ‘grows on trees’! I sure don’t need her thinking that she can just wish for it!”