Did I miss something?

Obama just told Israel to halt settlements, and at the same time told Palestinians to “increase[s] security.” I’m now curious about something — genuinely curious, not snarky:  Prior to today, in his four months as President, has Obama told the Palestinians to stop killing Israelis?

I mean, telling Palestinians to “increas security” doesn’t have quite the same resonance, does it, as “stop launching rockets into Israel” or “stop teaching your people to slaughter Israelis and other Jews”?  It seems to me that Obama’s demanding more of an Israeli quid, than he is a Palestinian pro quo.

Also, in my primitive little mind, continual efforts at slaughter are worse than adding on a rec room.  Shouldn’t the former stop before the latter?  And shouldn’t it stop for some finite period of time, rather than the indefinite one or two days that’s par for the Palestinian course?

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  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    Pretty disturbing story here says Obama is holding up shipment of Apache Longbow helicopter to Israel. Can’t find any independent confirmation, though. Anyone seen anything on this?

  • suek

    I found this:


    Nothing about a delay. Not sure how Obama would come into this – it appears to be a contract with Boeing – no direct government involvement.

    Of course, you still have that strong arm contract involvement available…

  • SGT Dave

    With the O-man cutting the DOD budget, the independent contractors (Boeing, American, Colt, among others) will be working right up to the line on what they can sell overseas to friends, allies, and anyone not on the “do not sell” list. It is how they survive the one-Delta-ten-Tango in chiefs that come along now and again. The admin should not consider strong-arming the contract holders; it gets ugly when they are sole-holders for U.S. contracts. They start getting cost overruns, allowed expenditures go up, and all sorts of non-penalizable items turn up of a sudden. It happened during Slick Willie’s term; it was one reason why he was always over his DOD spending targets in R&D and other places.
    Survival of the company is paramount, of course, and if need be, they’ll license allowable parts to other factories (usually Israel itself, sometimes Great Britain, Australia, or Canada) and move the stuff via other channels. Notably, during the SW admin, the Saudis were a conduit to Israel for E3A parts.

    SSG Dave
    “You see, I can’t give you this. But I can give it to him, and he can give it to you – as long as I don’t see it. So this is for him and I’m leaving. B’bye for now.”