Oral sex is the new kissing

Aaaggghhh! No words.  Just Aaaggghhh!

Okay, changed my mind.  Two sentences:  Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who claimed oral sex wasn’t really sex?  Now look what we’ve ended up with!

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  • http://explorations.chasrmartin.com Charlie (Colorado)

    I was definitely born too soon.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    The new decadence, same as the old decadence. Conveniently, however, this makes a society or a nation much easier to conquer for much more vigorous and ruthless organizations.

    Can you imagine how hard someone like me, with an army at my back, could take over such places with such people? It would be ridiculously easy. If they will shell out sexual favors for money, how much will they shell out for their lives? As easy as taking candy from a baby.

    Something societies were supposed to be aware of and to protect against, but they have forgotten. They have not only forgotten how to defend themselves, they have forgotten why it was important in the first place.

  • http://explorations.chasrmartin.com Charlie (Colorado)

    The new decadence, same as the old decadence. Conveniently, however, this makes a society or a nation much easier to conquer for much more vigorous and ruthless organizations.

    That may be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in print this year.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    That may be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in print this year.

    An inability to produce coherent sentiments is not the best foundation upon which to cast stones. The fact that people can read, does not make them literate nor does literacy, Charlie, bring wisdom. The conflation of wisdom with intelligence, and stupidity and dumbing down with a lack of wisdom, is a product of the cultural Leftist sheep making cult. It is inherently genetic and aristocratic, rather than meritocratic or American. A perfect societal template for the New Totalitarians.

    Have you had intimate contact with this cult in Colorado, by any chance? How would you rate your fervor/zeal under the new scale of post-modern culture?

  • SGT Dave

    Oh, boy.
    I cannot tell you all how much (/sarcasm) I’m looking forward to having this talk with my kids. I think I’ll drop by the TMC (troop medical clinic) and borrow a couple syringes to illustrate the point, just like I did with my new troops when I was in Panama. Here’s the needle they’ll use to give you the ampicillin/penicillin/gamma-globulin shot after you get a social disease. I’ll make sure they put it in the freezer first, too.
    Kids will work at freaking out their parents; I’m of the opinion that at least two thirds of the younger ones are talking out their third point of contact for coolness points. The thing that bothers me is the third that are not.
    I know that I will not be standing idly by while my children do dumb things; they’ll most certainly hate me in their teenage years. The solution to what is described here is parental involvement. I’ll put this one on the bottom line – what in the name of the almighty is a 14 year old doing at a mixed sex party where there are no chaperones? Why aren’t parents asking where their 15-18 year old is getting the money for a new cell phone or designer clothing that they AREN’T paying for? Get a clue, get involved, and stop being shocked that your children are running wild – put them on the leash (figurative or literal as need be) and stop being the friend – they have lots of friends but only two (or sometimes, sadly one) parent.

    SSG Dave
    “What makes you think you are capable of raising children? You can’t even keep a houseplant alive for two months…”

  • iconoclast

    One of the problems with this…I bet the oral sex is usually one way only…the guy gets satisfied but the girl is left high and wet…or maybe even high and dry because I bet she’s not really all that excited in a lot of these encounters.

    Sets up a pattern which won’t be good for future sex lives of either one in real relationships.

  • SGT Dave

    Humorously enough, most women I know prefer receiving oral sex to making the beast with two backs. The big issue is whether or not there is reciprocation – are we talking just fellatio or is cunnilingus being counted as well? (Sorry if the words offend, but I need to be clear without resorting to vulgarities.)

    SSG Dave
    “Intimacy without relationship is kinda like just getting the chocolate off the Dove Bar – it is still pretty good, but you’re missing the whole point of the exercise.”

  • suek

    Interesting associated thoughts on the general topic:


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    (Sorry if the words offend, but I need to be clear without resorting to vulgarities.)
    If the porn they are watching doesn’t have it, they won’t emulate it.

    This is not exactly independent decision making here. This is people doing what they see other people doing, because their peers are putting on pressure and airs, and because they lack a fundamental self-confidence to comprehend their own worth as human beings. They calculate their worth in dollars, cause that is what they know and what others will pay in. They calculate their worth in societal esteem, because that is what they can spend.

    A fundamentally weak mentality.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    SGT Dave,

    You are right on the money about parental involvement. Still, the problem is what kids do when you think you’re watching, but don’t realize that you’re not. Right now, I know that when my daughter’s at her friend’s house, she really is there. The problems begin when the two girls ask the other Mom “can we go to [someplace appropriate]” and then don’t.

    So the other prong, since we can’t watch every second, is a deep inculcation of values. To me, just about everything is a values teaching moment when it comes to parenting. I will not, I repeat, I will not, allow my children to derive their values from TV, movies and videos without at least putting up a huge fight to have my say. So far, my kids’ utterances show that they have absorbed my values at a very deep level (not just a superficial parroting level), so I’m hoping for the best.

    It helps, of course, if you live in a neighborhood, as I do, in which the same social values (no sex, no drugs, no drinking, no lying) are enforced in every household. It gets harder at the school level, because our kids attend a school that serves a community far richer than my own little neighborhood, but my kids (bless them) seem to be picking out friends from their same socio-economic level.

  • SGT Dave

    I had a friend whose daughter pulled the “stay over at x” with a friend so they could both go out to a party (they were 15 at the time). My friend called over to make sure she was doing ok – he’s a bit of a worrier – and discovered that the kids were not there. He then decided it was time for a lesson.
    He’d been very busy cleaning up her room.
    She lost her cell phone. She lost her TV, the computer was locked down to word processing only, and the phone in her room had the jack blocked.
    He’d removed all of her clothes except blue and tan slacks and skirts, white polo and button-down shirts, underwear, and socks. She had work jeans and t-shirts, but nothing fancy or worthy of wearing out with friends.
    He also left her a nice note about the loss of her learner’s permit (he called the DMV at 8 am) and how she could speak to her parents about earning back the right to do anything other than go to school, come home, do chores, do homework, and sleep.
    When she blew up about how mean he was, he simply handed her a backpack with a change of clothing, a toothbrush, and a hair brush.
    Tough love, very tough – his wife left the house for the confrontation because she knew she’d not be able to handle it.
    When his daughter cried and begged for forgiveness, he quietly explained to her about why her aunt (a good friend of mine as well) had never married – in fact had not dated since college. He also explained why he’d joined the Marines at 17- the local sherriff looked the other way about his breaking a large number of bones of a young man who’d taken liberties with his sister. His sister who had pulled the same “I’m going to stay with x” story on his mother.
    She had a lot of work to do – including good grades, chores, and a lot of volunteer time with special olympics and the RACC – but he had given her a list of things to do to get all her privileges back.
    She just graduated college; she’s going into social work, focusing on rape victims. She’s dating a nice young man; not at all like the one she snuck out to see that night. She also knows her father loves her more than life itself – and wrote him a letter about that when she graduated high school.
    You are right that you never can be all the way sure; but you can set precedent – calling to check in, confirming plans with other parents, and coming down like a ton of bricks when you catch them lying to you. Set the foundation and the building will go up straight.

    SSG Dave
    “And when the young man comes to pick up my daughter for a date, I’ll look him square in the eye and say ‘you know, I’m not afraid to go back to prison.'”