Dear Obama: Will you father my child, you God, you?

The facts are what they are, but you’ve got to love the emotion the journalist puts behind this opening paragraph about the newly released Obama photographs:

He was tall and stunningly good looking, a guy who could appear pensive and serious one moment and then, with smoke from an unfiltered cigarette swirling around his face, morph into the hippest looking dude this side of James Dean.

Which is why budding photographer Lisa Jack knew the moment she saw Barack Obama walk into the campus snack shop at Los Angeles’ Occidental College in 1980 that she had to get the freshman in front of a camera.

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  • Helen Losse

    Which just goes to show….

  • Charles Martel

    I used to hang out at Occidental in the late 60s. The campus snack shop was called “The Cooler,” and was the haunt of everybody from dopers who needed a place to nod off and students looking for one-night stands, to serious scholars in need of a 30-minute break, earnest revolutionaries plotting how to take on The Man, and reactionaries like me who used to send those brave Red white boys right up to the point of calling for their mamas by laughing at them.

    It’s a sweet memory. I met some great people there.

    Sweet memories aside, isn’t it funny how the most intelligent president in our history absolutely, steadfastly refuses to release his college transcripts? Or anything he wrote for the Harvard Review?

    Why is that?

    Helen, any thoughts?

  • Wolf Howling

    Okay, who wrote it? Before clicking on the link, my guesses are Andrew Sullivan or Chris Matthews.

  • Charles Martel

    Oh, by the way, by 1980 Occidental was already beginning its long slide into political correctness. Smoking was banned in The Cooler, so the ass kisser above is telling a lie to embellish a deeper truth.

    Kind of like Dan Rather or Joe Biden.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I suppose that this falls under the category of women who make bad life decisions in their choices of men.

  • Zhombre

    Those women, Danny, are often called lesbians.


    Danny & Zhombre (extra funny)

    Now, about that photo of ‘pseudo pimp daddy’ – he’s still sending some strange smoke signals.

  • Zhombre
  • Ymarsakar

    Which just goes to show….

    that reason and logic are not particularly effective nor necessary for humanity to believe in con men.