Liberal fascism

States don’t like families, but even for a fascist state, “you’re too dumb to parent” seems like a bit of a stretch.  Please note that the parent is not retarded in any way.  The state just seems not to like her.

All I can say that a bureaucratic determination that one is “dumb” seems like an awfully slippery slope for the state to justify just about anything it wants to do.  Indeed, I seem to recall a State that did just that:  my great uncle (the one on the goyish side of the family) died in the gas chambers because he was gay and manic depressive.  Apparently the Nazis really thought he was just too “dumb” to survive.

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  • Oldflyer

    I wasn’t too surprised to click on the link and learn that this occurred in the UK.

    Isn’t it ironic that the bureaucracy has the nerve to label someone “dumb”. But, clearly in the UK the Statist mentality has gone beyond the caring and nurturing mode that we are accustomed to here in the US. (tic) Otherwise, they would look for some mechanism to mentor and assist the mother, rather than ripping the child away. That is what we would do, isn’t it?

  • suek

    The Statist philosophy is that the citizen belongs to the State – even from birth. Parents are tasked with raising the infant for the State, and if they can’t/don’t do a suitable job, then it’s entirely appropriate for the State to place the future citizen in the care of someone who will do the job in a manner approved by the State.

    Individualism and the family as the foundation unit of the society are concepts inimical to Statists.

  • Oldflyer

    I just had another thought. My twin grandchildren were born two months early. The girl was kept in the hospital one month and the boy was kept two full months in the pediatric ICU. This was in one of those much maligned HMOs; Kaiser Permanente. I gather this child, born a rather astounding three months premature, was not kept so long in the socialist wonderland of UK medicine.


  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Books, I’ve seen lots of examples of “too dumb to parent”, and a fair number of them among the parents of Duke University grads.

    Doing something about it, however, is another thing.