Fun reading for the kiddies

Bedtime Stories, which came out a few months ago, is not a very good movie.  It gets kudos from me, however, for one little throwaway line I doubt many movie goers (especially the kids) even noticed.

In the movie, Adam Sandler plays Skeeter Bronson, a hamburger and pizza eating hotel handyman who is called upon in an emergency to take care of his sister’s two kids.  (They’re the ones to whom he tells the magical bedtime stories.)  His sister is a tightly wound elementary school teacher who feeds her kids only organic foods and refuses to give them any junk food whatsoever.

The first evening that Skeeter is alone with the kids, when they ask him to read them a story, he discovers that the only books they own are about organic farming and animal rights.  That leads to the line I loved (and I’m quoting from memory, here, so forgive inaccuracies).  As he tosses the books aside, Skeeter, the movie’s lovable hero, says, “I’m not going to read any of this Communist crap!”

I’d enjoyed the line when I heard it, and then promptly forgotten about it.  That is, I forgot about it until Google Mail, noticing that I have a lot of political oriented mail, dropped a little ad bomb on me, directing me to the site that publishes Mama Voted for Obama!.  This is the same place that wrote the memorable Why Mommy is a Democrat and Why Daddy is a Democrat.  (What!  You don’t remember those books?)  You see, it seems that, with their Democratic dreams fulfilled, Mommy and Daddy now have to explain to the kids why Obama is in the White House.

Sample pages available on the website show why Mama voted for Obama.  These sample pages indicate that most of the book simply rhymes about the fact that Mama voted for Obama in lieu of voting for various animals.  For example, “She didn’t vote for a sly fox, or a blue ox or a cat named Socks.  Mama voted for Obama.”  In other words, it’s a rhyming book that just drums home the bottom line message:  The woman that you, dear child, love most in the world, voted for Obama.  ‘Nuff said.

Oh, except for that one sample page that in a few simple words and pictures likens McCain to a dinosaur, paints him as part of the party of negativity, and shows him hanging onto the wrong end of an elephant that, judging by the mouse with the broom, is spewing poop.  Check it out.  God alone knows what the non-sample pages have to say about bad, backwards Republicans and Obama, the king of the animal world.

Let me quote Skeeter:  “I’m not going to read any of this Communist crap!”

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    After trying haiku last week for a first time, I am going to chance it and go for a limerick.

    There once was a guy from Indonesia,
    who gave America the rush of local anesthesia.

    Groomed in the slime of Ayers and Wright,
    the mommies and daddies glowed in ‘his’ light.

    One day they’ll wake up and start craving Milk of Magnesia.

  • wordpress

    Goebbels would approve. He understood the importance of getting into the brains of der kinder. The green/left need this desperately. They have staked the house on global warming/climate change, and have a sycophantic and compliant news media and educational establishment on their side.

    Blogging, talking, reading, communicating and bypassing the MSM is our only resource. I’m very afraid for the USA, not its ideals, they will always live on, but for its short term future. Obama will be a one term wonder I’m sure, but his legacy will be much longer.

    Watch the UK in its reform process, and keep an eye on New Zealand and Australia, and if the worse comes to the worse, emigrate !

  • spiff580

    This will only backfire on the parents who force this crap down their childrens throat. Just wait until their kids turn into teenagers; it’s natural for them to rebel. And I thought liberals fancied themselves as enlightened. This book is even childish for a child.

  • Gringo

    During a summer month last year, the third-best-selling book in blue Vermont was some anti-Bush pro-Democrat illustrated children’s book.

    There was some online map whereby you could find state-by-state results, but I have no idea where to find it today.