AP writer seeks inspiration in trashy romances

This is supposed to be a “news” story about the Obama family trip to Paris.  It strikes me as coming much closer to a bad bodice ripper, with scary Messianic overtones:

People gawked and cameras clicked as the Obamas cut a wide figure through the French capital even while confined to a presidential motorcade. It was more personal for the few kept not so distant — the restaurant owner who “saw God,” the chauffeur reveling in a “magnificent mission.”

President Barack Obama, wife Michelle and their two daughters touched lives in simple ways during a private stay in the French capital that closed out a six-day presidential tour rich in history, symbolism and giant messages to the world.


Michelle Obama, whose wardrobe choices are analyzed, gets an A-plus [from the French] for sartorial glamor, natural poise and sheer intelligence.

But the common touch the first American couple represents, so antithetical to the traditional pomp and circumstance of French heads of state, sets them apart.


Boudon [a restaurant owner] was over the moon.


“I saw God before me,” he said, “because I saw this smile that a million people have seen around the world. I saw her (Michelle) radiant. … It’s idiotic, but it’s like that.”


Even the conservative Sarkozy appreciates Obama’s personal style and, multiplying direct contact with citizens, is desanctifying the office.


By the way, have any of you noticed that while George Bush was lambasted for the fact that he’d never seen the world, Obama gets a free pass for the fact that (as far as I know) his international travels consisted for two years in an Indonesian madrassa when he was a kid, plus short visit to an obscure African village?  Apparently that’s enough to make him a sophisticate, and have people drooling over his big-boned woman.

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  • Charles Martel

    Humans are religious whether they want to admit it or not. We all have an object of worship, whether it be God, money, fame, power, sex, beauty, intelligence, possessions or degrees. In post-Christian Europe, where most people’s highest aspiration is the 6-week vacation and the 35-hour work week, there is a hidden hunger for something transcendent.

    So, from a European point of view, why not latch onto the exotic couple from America, a duo that confirms my own grand sophistication as I nod approvingly at their dress and style? Why shouldn’t I see God in the face of this cipher from Washington? He is a god who does what a god does best in these secular times: He makes me feel good and affirms my belief that I have a fundamental right to feel so.

  • expat

    The restaurant owner will be using Obama in his ads for years. And I’m still waiting for evidence that Michelle is exceptionally intelligent.


    AP (B.S.)

    Below, just the lead regarding voting results in Lebanon.
    Most of us enjoy something sweet to eat or sweet to look at, but egads…this is like sucking syrup day after day after day ad nauseum. No matter what, where, when the never ending drooling, fawning, sighing is worse than ‘barf’. It’s a constant challenge to my gag reflex.

    Of course, the French were glad to see the Obamas…they didn’t carry and throw molotov cocktails and firebomb cars or maybe their tall, thin appearance reminds them of a baguette.

    BEIRUT – A pro-Western coalition won Lebanon’s parliamentary elections Monday, dealing a major setback to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah and giving a boost to Barack Obama’s Middle East peace policy.

    Coming just days after the American president reached out to the Muslim world, the vote undercuts the most militant force in Lebanese politics.