AmeriCorps scandal

As far as blogs go, you heard it here first (or nearly first), but it’s a bigger story than my little blog.  Michelle Malkin has the round-up.  My only hope is that the MSM will part the curtain long enough to allow the American people to realize just how big this scandal really is.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Ho-hum, ho-um…same old, same old! Welcome to Chicago, America. It’s a one-party state.

  • Zhombre

    You can expect the OAK media to maintain a discreet silence regarding the AG firing.

  • suek

    This could get interesting as well. Especially if Ron Paul’s proposal to audit the Fed passes. So far, it appears to have strong support from both parties.….-Ben-Blatantly-Unlawful-Acts.html

  • Ymarsakar

    These corruptocrats should all be executed. And it doesn’t particularly matter to me how.

  • Earl

    I asked my brother, who lives in Sacto, about this — he’s being cautious about this story. I think I’ll join him, lest we jump on a bandwagon that’s heading for the ditch. Keep your powder dry — he sent me a link to a Fox News report that starts out like this:

    I’m not finding much in the way of commentary from sources I trust. I will tell you that the local lefties are rabid Kevin Johnson haters. Among his great sins, in their eyes, he has invested a lot of money in the local real estate market and has been accused of “gentrifying” South Sacramento, thereby making it more expensive to live there. He also organized and financed the campaign to turn a failing, South-Sac public high school into a charter school (with non-union teachers) and then went on to unseat the hard-left mayor who fought him tooth and nail over the charter school issue, in the last election.


    So, blowing the whistle is like whistling in the wind.

    Make sure you send the bill for the cost of the bullets to the family, too.

  • suek

    More “stuff”. As he says – check it out before it disappears…because it _will_ disappear. Probably Monday when they get back to work…